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My 9 mo. old puppy used to happily go into his crate. We simply had to say "Go in your crate" and Newman happily obliged. Now when we say the "C" word, he runs for the hills. He won't even go in to get his favorite toys or bone. He stretches his neck as far as it will go, but he will not put his feet in the crate. Any ideas?

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It sounds like he is hitting adolence and trying to asert himself a little. Most behavior issues surface around 9mo-1 1/2 years as dogs get older and have the size to themselves up. Many dogs have been known to decide the bed is theirs and growl at owners or make other decisions on things that they previously did.

Are you in training? This would help make sure he knows that he has to listen. For now I would make sure you always back up a command.

I do provide an added incentive when I kennel my dogs and I havent had any issues.

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Ruby wouldn't go in her crate about a year ago. This behavior came out of nowhere so I looked inside and there was a dead black widow spider in the very back under some blankets. I think she had a bad experience. Check for anything that shouldn't be in the crate. If not, maybe just stubborness. Good luck!


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Anyway we haven't had crate problems recently but I just wanted to note that out of our two full bred boxers, they had completely differently personalities, BUT, they both have the incredible stubborn streak in common, it amazes me!!!


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Has to be another weird Boxer stage. Athena our 6 month old is going through that, but she plays a different game. When we tell her it is time to go into her crate she plays dead doggie. Her body goes totally limp, and she will not move for anybody. My daughter ususally grabs her front paws and gently drags her over to the crate. She looks like a rag doll, when she gets her to her crate and tries to lift her into it, she looks like she is holding a piece of rubber, it is so hilarious to watch them.


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They can be such stinkers, can't they?! :p

When we try to make Bailey do something she doesn't want to, she rolls over on her back and kicks her legs. If we have a hold of her collar, she'll put her front legs around your arm and twist until you can't hold on anymore.

On the crate problem, maybe you should start from the beginning again. When we first trained Bailey to go in the crate, I would say, "kennel", and gently push her in. Once she was in and turned around, I would give her a treat and praise her. Do this several times using treats, then practice using treats only occasionally.

Good luck!! :D

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