Crate Training - spiteful puppy?

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She is getting the hang of it! I know this is opposite of what some of you were saying, but now that she's figured out what we REALLY want her to do out there, "Go Potty!", she goes as fast as she can and runs back to the door. It seems like she thinks going back inside is a VERY good reward... if she accidentally dings the bell and there's nothing really in her, she trys as hard as she can to get a little puddle and then runs to the door as fast as she can. It's pretty funny!
We're still having about 1accident a day, but that's mostly my fault!

Miska's Mom - As soon as we put the bell down lower (3 inches from the floor) she caught on instantly! it was amazing! I just bought a giant jingle bell, like the ones you put on a door knob. It's pretty loud, but not if she just nudges it with her nose, I don't always here it. I've heard that wind chimes work too and they're louder.
We have a split level house and she plays on the top, but has to go all the way downstairs to go outside, so I put one bell right by the top of the stairs and that WAS working until she figured out how to go down the stairs by herself yesterday, and that's not helping with the whole communication/potty thing! (we also have another bell by the door she goes out of) She now will just go down the stairs and not ring the bell... BUT going downstairs isn't a for sure tell she needs to go either because she likes to chase the cat downstairs!

We're just TRYING to be as consistant as possible, but it's hard since she's growing so fast.

OH - she still hates her crate, unless Howie the cat is in there. She likes to take naps with him in the crate. (door open!) I'll have some pictures of them napping and playing together up soon, it's SO cute and funny! They love eachother So much!

Overall we're doing very well and having a TON of fun!!!



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hiya, your Roxy sounds beautiful!! i have a Roxy who is now just over 12 months and shes a "little miss".... she knows to much and has since i picked her up at 8 weeks of age...must be in the name!!! LOL
mel, oscar and roxy xoxox


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hiya, your Roxy sounds beautiful!! i have a Roxy who is now just over 12 months and shes a "little miss".... she knows to much and has since i picked her up at 8 weeks of age...must be in the name!!! LOL
mel, oscar and roxy xoxox

It Must Be!!! LOL


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Crate training

My questions is----Yogi is 12wks old. Doing so well with the potty training.
Its cold in NY. He goes out and does his business and then pull us to the door when he is done. He is a sweet puppy. We are trying to get him to stop with the nipping and biting. He gets a little aggressive at times. But that is too getting better as time goes on.

We leave him in the crate in the mornings for about 2hrs. I only put him in after he is walked and goes to the bathroom. Never wets or goes while he is in there. Today he gave me a very hard time going on the crate. I know he doesn't like it at all. We give him treats for going in and then I just say goodbye and close the door.

Is this normal>? I don't want to have to force him in. I know its not a good thing. Has anyone had this problem>?

Thanks --Terri


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Yes! I have the same problem! (We need help!)
I put Roxy in her crate and she ignores any and all treats when the door is closed. She just freaks out! As soon as we get home and let her out she runs around the room once and then goes back in the crate to look for the treats we put in there. This only worked once for her- Now I grab the treat as soon as I open the door so she can't have it. Should I let her have it? I usually tell her to sit and then give it to her. She actually moved the crate about a foot from it's original place in a matter of 45 minutes when I had to run to the store. I don't want her to hurt herself!!
Any advice would be good!
Oh - She does like to go in there when the cat is in there, but that's it! If we put her toys inside she reaches in without putting too many legs in and "Saves" them all. And we started putting her food in there with the door open for her meals. She won't eat it if the door is shut, but she will if it's open.
Thanks everyone!!


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crate issues

The crate is getting a bit better. Yogi just is going to have to get used to it. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better in time. Its only been 10 days and I am just asking him to stay there for 2-3hrs a day.
Yogi does the same thing now. He wont eat his treat if I close the door. He picks it up and then turns around to get out. I just calmly close the door and say goodbye. When I get home he is quiet and calm. So I let him out and have the treat if he hasn't eaten it by then. Figure since he didn't mess in it and went in for me he earned it.

But any suggestions I would love. Atleast he so far hasn't gone to the bathroom in it. Only the 1st day.

We are having a ball with him so far.

Anyone have suggestions for the nipping & Biting? So far he is ok but seems to get so crazy w/playtime. We normally have to stop it before he gets a little too much into it. We have just been saying no and then ignore him for a min or two. That seems to be working.

Thanks a bunch! Terri


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Terrip: Per the site rules, you need to introduce yourself to the community (in the introductions forum) before you start participating to the other forums. You will also find that you are far more likely to get meaningful responses to questions if you start a new thread in the most relevant forum, instead of appending new questions to someone else's thread.


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Goolia83 said:
She is getting the hang of it! I know this is opposite of what some of you were saying, but now that she's figured out what we REALLY want her to do out there, "Go Potty!", she goes as fast as she can and runs back to the door.


We actually have Kona trained to know the difference between "Go Potty" "Go pee pee" and "Go poopy" . Now she pretty much goes on command. appicon

We use "Go Potty" in the house. "Do you have to go Potty?"

Once we are outside It's "Go pee pee, Hurry up"
When she is done with that task and if I know it should be about the right time. It's "Go poopy" [ The neighbors must think I'm nuts when they hear me outside telling her to go poopy etc. :LOL:] "Gooooddd Girl!!!"

Only after she has done her "chores" does she get praised and than I finally greet her if I just got home or we play a little if the weather is nice. Lately she just runs back to the house because it is so cold.

The key to teaching commands is consistency and using them at the appropriate time.


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I just have a few things to add from our own experience.
Lance does quite well in his crate now. There are a few things that we did learn and sometimes you do have to take it back a few steps to make it right. These helped us so maybe they will help you.
First of all: never ever make a "big" deal upon leaving your dog or coming home to your dog. Especially when in the crate. This teaches them separation anxiety and makes them hate the time that you are away. Not too many "byes" and "we'll be home soon we promise". Just get yourself ready and last thing you do before you leave is put the pup in his crate. No big deal made. The same upon arriving home, just open the door to the crate, maybe say "you want to go potty" and out you go.. no big deals..or doting over them.
second: if possible, try leaving the T.V on for the dog...or a radio, so that if they are use to hearing voices, they will be at ease to continue to hear some kind of entertainment while your gone.
Also: If need be, take your crate training back a step...meaning, try shorter periods of time and then work up to his appropriate time for his age. As the equation's one hour for each month old plus an hour. Never to crate more than this. Our pup will have to be outside for a while after a long crate as he doesn't empty his bladder all at once. he will pee pee twice and then be empty so we have to wait for the second pee and this only happens with a 2-3 hour crate time.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I know it is cute to put stuffed animals in our pups crate...but I beg of you all to not do this. A friend of ours put her pups teddy bear in his crate with him and when she came home, he was dead. He had suffocated to death on an approved pet toy (stuffed). He went nuts chewing on the toy and busted it open and swallowed the stuffing. Please don't ever leave your pups alone with any kind of stuffed toy. The need to be monitored when playing with these things.
Best of luck to all of you and I hope this advice works as well for you as it did for us. Lance actually likes some personal time in his crate now.


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As I was told I am supposed to introduce myself before posting. I am sorry about that. My name is Terri and we live in NY State. THis is my fourth boxer through my lifetime. We have two children and felt that they were at the ages that this would be a great time for us to do this as a family. So far so good.

Yogi is 12wks and he is a dark brindle. Since I am a digitaless mom for right now there will be no photos of him. He is wonderful. DOing very well and both my husband and I are very happy with his progress.
Crating is getting better. Only 2-3 hrs a day and hard plastic approved crate toys are allowed. Before we leave my kids go outside and say goodbye before he goes in. Then I give him a treat and put him in. Say have a good day and I am off. He seems to whin alot when we bring him out. I take him to work with me in the afternoon's. I see why now he wants to go out alot after he is crated. That makes sense. Thanks for the tips.

I hope this is better. New to the board and trying to find my way around.
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