CPE Trial last weekend

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Oscar has been running in agility trials for a number of years. After we got to the Excellent level in AKC, we have struggled to get qualifying runs, so I have been running him in CPE trials off and on for the last 2 years. We just had our best weekend ever, 6/6 qualifying runs.
The CPE title structure is a bit more complicated than that of AKC and at Level 3 it takes 6 qualifying runs to obtain a title in each of the 4 different titling classes. Oscar now has 2 CPE titles, CL3-R (Level 3 Standard) and CL3-F (Level 3 Jumpers and Full House).

Here are the proofs (just click on next until you get to the next dog):

Herreid Photography | Saturday Fullhouse All Levels | DSC_5401
Herreid Photography | Saturday Standard Level 3 | DSC_6461
Herreid Photography | Saturday Jackpot 16"-24" | DSC_7297
Herreid Photography | Sunday Standard Level 3 | DSC_9127
Herreid Photography | Sunday Snooker Levels 345C | DSC_9745
Herreid Photography | Sunday Jumpers Levels 345C 16"-24" | DSC_1049

Also check out our instructor and her dog, the black Miniature Schnauzer, whose proofs follow Oscar's in the Sunday Standard Level 3 class.

So proud of my boy! lovicon


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Congratulations! That is so awesome! I started agility this summer with Sky, I hope that by next fall we will be able to compete! Unfortunately we can't train until spring.


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Congratulations! appicon

We had backed away from agility for awhile to let Layla get a little older and calmer. Competition was just too stressful and her antics became a problem. Just recently began training again to she if she still likes agility. LOL, she definitely does, yet still not ready for competition. I had begun wondering if there was an age when they begin to get too old. However, Oscar looks like he is entering his prime years and enjoying agility. Really great to see!


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...and another nice weekend

The scheduling was unusual, but there was another CPE trial at the same location Thanksgiving weekend. This one was 3 days, and Oscar did 3 runs each day, getting 2 qualifying runs out of 3 each day, going 6/9 total. Yay, I am thinking of changing his name to Rock Star.
There was a theoretical chance for another title, but he needed 2 qualifying runs in a class called Snooker, and we got none. On the first day, he just ran too slowly and we ran out of time before we got enough points. On the second day, I mishandled him by not giving him a good line and he dropped a bar on the first jump of the closing sequence, so the game ended, again with too few points. dohicon This is a challenging class for many, and I am pleased with how well he is doing and how much I am learning.

The other news is that he got 3 qualifying runs in Level 4 classes, including a first place in Level 4 Standard. firsticon
Good boy, Oscar!


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Just to keep the info current, Oscar and I were in another CPE trial December 9, and the 2 qualifying runs he achieved in the Colors and Wildcard classes got him the CL3-H title. We did not get in for December 8, so were not able to run in the Snooker class. We still need 2 qualifying runs in Snooker for his 4th (and last) CPE Level 3 title.

I tried to enter him in an AKC trial this weekend, but we were waitlisted, and then I noticed the problem with his eye. He had surgery on December 19 and was wearing a cone when I got the email from the trial secretary that we could get in on December 31. Thanks, but no thanks, I am waiting until he gets the cone off. He got the cone off December 26, but I want to see how he does in class before we try another trial. It's always something.
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