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couple of boxer puppy tips needed please

Discussion in 'Dog Training' started by pompey, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. pompey

    pompey Boxer Pal

    Jun 6, 2014
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    Hi all so we have had our lovely boxer puppy for nearly 3weeks now and hes nearly 11weeks old now and just need some tips please

    1: he still whines abit when either he wants attention or don't get his own way or wants us to open the door so he can go in other rooms.

    2. When he's told no he barks at us. We have tried saying no, yelp,ignoring him, water squirt, stones in can, but he keeps barking at us like he's telling us off

    3. He sometimes jumps up on us or tries to get up on sofa we tell him down but sometimes he don't want to listen.

    4. When playing a game he growls when we are holding toy and tugs at it making it a tug of war game which we don't want it to be. Then that makes him all hyped and snappy.
    I read somewhere we shouldn't let go or he's won?

    5. He doesn't like to be left alone even in a room quickly or for long periods. Only left him on own once when had to both go out, We put him in his crate when at home and leave the room and he howls and barks for about 40 mins before he stops and sleeps. He sleeps nearly all night in his crate with no problems.

    He will be going to puppy training classes but that's 3 weeks away so would like some tips to help us until then.
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  2. sjtorr

    sjtorr Boxer Booster

    May 10, 2013
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    Lots of stuff here :) here is what worked for us.
    First... Remember he is a baby who wants to be with you. For leaving him alone, build up to it. Start with 30 seconds. Move up to a minute when 30 sec is ok. Then two minutes. Keep doubling. He will get the idea. Treat but only after he calms when you return. Don't make it a play session.
    Puppies don't understand no. Don't use it, if you can avoid it. Reward the behaviours that you want, and ignore the behaviour that you don't, and that goes for growling too. For quite a while (months!) we did this thing where we cross our arms in front of our chest and ignore for five seconds at bad behaviour... Growling, nipping, jumping, then go back to the activity. You'll do it a lot! Lol also remember that sometimes bad behaviour is their way of saying I need to go outside, and they dont know how to tell you. We trained to ring a set of bells at the door to go out, and she learned it within one day. But she still acts out when she just needs to pee and doesn't want to miss out on play.
    When you leave him in the crate alone, play some music, give him a stuffed kong, anything to distract, and build up the time. Since I work from home it's hard for us and our max is only four hours at 16 months. She is too used to being with me.

    It will get better, but this is still a baby, and will be for at least another year until she gets through adolescence. It will be worth it I promise!
  3. Gunther

    Gunther Super Boxer

    Dec 5, 2013
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    Look at this, I never used it myself I never had the need with my dogs. I did get to do it to day with a fearful rescue at Boxers and Buddies. Do is afraid of people I saw him last week and he looked so sad! :( After a walk we came back I kept the dog or a sit or down between my legs..not sure how long?? I was amazed at the change in his demeanor! He seemed jsut as happy and goofy as the other guys!

    It's a puppy so start small couple of minuets and build up. In essence it teaches calmness in a dog. This is a puppy so there is that but it's a place to start.

    Do a search for the long sit for dogs.

    Growling while playing I would not worry about he's a puppy and a Boxer they growl that's what they do! If company comes over and the dog growls..then you have an issue!

    I have heard that don't let the dog win thing? Personally I don't accept it, I don't want my dogs to learn no matter how hard they try..they always lose??

    And this you have a puppy but the principle is still the same:
    Stop your dog from pulling on the leash video - YouTube

    Good luck! :)
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