cough and cold

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Sammy is only 4.5 months old and he has always been a great little boy, but as the winter neared he seemed to start coughing alot unsure as to why i took him to the vet and got him a cough surup.
But the cough doesnot seem to go at all and that was 1 week ago we went to the vet.
Frankly it does not get so cold here in Karachi the temp drops at night to around 10 or maybe on really cold days 8 during the day neverr below 20 degrees Celcius not Frahenhiet.

I usally keep him out door during the night but have started to keep him inside these days he however does not seem to be getting better.

He does not have fever thank god pls help


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Poor Sammy. I hope he feeling better soon. If he has Kennel Cough, it often lasts for 3 weeks or so. therefore it might be a little while before he gets better.
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