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My boxer is extremely gassy, much more than our other boxer we had. I know boxers have sensitive stomachs and we feed him sensitive stomach food. A vet tech told me to put a half tablespoon of corn oil in his food and it would help his gas, it would also help his coat and skin too. Has anyone ever heard of this?


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I have never heard of that, but personally I wouldn't use Corn Oil. If you really want to give any oil it should be Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. Or fish oil. But I cannot say whether these other oils fixes the gas issue.

The way we got rid of the nasty gas was by changing foods. I not sure if that helps but I am sure someone else will chime in with some great advice.


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I've never seen any reference to feeding dogs corn oil (not saying it isn't out there, just not familiar). I'd suspect oil derived from corn could present with issues since so many dogs have allergies to corn. Not all dogs of course but....
Vegetable oils are higher in omega 6's and work against the 3 & 6 healthy ratio. There are far more healthier oils to choose from. Corn is a harder substance to digest and may be contradictory for a gas issue. Just my opinion though!
I'd look into the current food you are feeding as what goes IN has the most impact on what comes OUT!
While it may be a sensitive food and beneficial in as far as *some* gastrointestinal issues are concerned it might not be the best choice for your guy if the gas is frequent and foul smelling.


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I've heard of adding corn oil to a horse's feed to put on weight and shine up the coat--works for goats too, I think.

Did they recommend that you specifically add corn oil, or were they suggesting that you add a fatty acid supplement in general and suggested corn oil because it is inexpensive and alot of people have it in their homes already?

Fatty acids reduce inflammation and I have heard of them being recommended for allergies, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. I'm more familiar with fish or salmon oil being recommended in those instances though.
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