Cooper's a Can. Champ!!

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Gillian D

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Hooray.. thanks for all your good thoughts.. Cooper is now a Canadian Champion!!! He finished last weekend! So I think we will hang up his ring gloves for a little while... again.. thanks for all the good thought s ent our way.. Gillian

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Congratulations Cooper!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations Cooper..did you get a Big trophy so your Mom could show your friends??

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Congratulations, Cooper - you did it!! I know your Mum is very proud of you - hope you got some special treats!! Good going, Gillian - now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer with Coop and Olivia.

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Hey Coop, way to go buddy! My mom just told me the good news! A champ, huh, wow, I am very impressed. I bet your really cool name helped a little too! Congratulations!

P.S. please don't tell my mom I used the computer.

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