Cooper ONE point away!

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Gillian D

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So friends .. keep the good thought s coming.. Cooper got 4 points this weekend and he only needs one more to Finish and have his Canadian Championship! He won them out of town this time and we could not be there.. however, he will be here this weekend and hopefully we will be able to watch as he wins his last point!.. Fingers crossed

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I've got everything crossed, eyes, fingers, toes, arms, legs.......Best of luck and please let us know the outcome! Harley sends many slobbery good luck kisses too!

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Way to go Mr. Cooper! My Cooper and I are sending many warm wishes your way! Wooo Hooo, great job Cooper. By the way, love the name!

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Good boy Cooper - I'm sure Mum will have a special reward for you when you get that final point! Lots of slobbers from Ttakas and Bronte!

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