Cooper got points today!!!!1

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Gillian D

Boxer Buddy
Hey thanks for all your good thoughts!!!! Cooper got two points today!!!!! He only needs three more to finish now and there are still 2 days left of showing!!!!!! Keep those good thoughts coming!!!!!
Proud Mama

Cooper:male flashy fawn- thinks he is Jaques Cousteau
MacGregor:male, Black masked Brindle- Mama's suckie Boy
Tristan:male Flashy Brindle... in Heaven - 28/02/96 cancer

cin heier

Boxer Pal
Glad to hear it! Buckaroo sends his second favorite doggie treat thoughts. (too spoiled to send his favorites) Will keeping hoping for you both.


Boxer Booster
Good going Coop - how to make your Mummy proud!! Lots of slobbery good luck from Ttakas and Bronte!

Ttakas - Flashy fawn (Male).
Bronte - Flashy brindle (Female.
Littermates - born May 9/97 and real clowns!!
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