cookie dance!

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Boxer Buddy
My one year old Buddy, loves dog biscuits. Whenever I say the word "cookie" (meaning he is about to get a biscuit) he starts jumping and twirling around in circles! It is so funny and cute! Just thought I would pass this on.


Boxer Insane
Cody and Aniah both do the cookie dance too. It is so cute to watch. They just get so excited about everything, it is truly refreshing to watch.


Boxer Insane
they are so cute. spanky does that also with cookie and with the words, car, ride and walk.


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I think the jumping and spinning is definitely a boxer thing. Moto does it when we go for walks. I think he is just happy. :LOL:


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When Stella sees me getting ready for her walks, she definetly does the dance! As for her treats, she automatically sits before I even ask her too. She also sometimes goes right in to a down, thinking that's what I'll ask her. It's as if she is rushing through all she knows to see how fast she can get the treat! :)


Boxer Insane
My 3 Boxers get a Dentastix the days I go to work as I leave and 1/2 hour before Ruby does the dentastix dance, shes a rescue from a pupymill and loves them
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