Conscience check - which is more humane?


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After this kitty showed up in July of 2015 I took her to my vet to be fixed. I did not want more kittens to deal with. Poor kitty was already fixed and vet didn't know until she did the incision. I was initially angry but my pet sitter for Sammie talked me off the ledge. Kitty is about 5 years old and both vet and pet sitter said the incision is hard to see. I still say BS .Regardless, I can take care of kitty with no worries about kittens......,


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I purchased the rug at our local club a few years back - they usually get them in around Christmas time. I did google "sheepskin rug sams club" and it gave me a link to several different sizes. If I just googled "sheepskin rug" there were many options available from many vendors. Another thought - our local leather shop also carries these rugs - wonder if a speciality shop like that might have imperfect rugs for a cheaper price. Good luck.