Confused: Male or female w/ small Kids

Male or Female with small kids?? Still confused

  • My male is an excellent play pal for my small children

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  • my female is an excellent play pal for small children

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  • My male tends to be more agressive with small children

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  • My female tends to be more agressive with the kids

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  • My male is a great protector of my small kids

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  • My famale is a great protector of my small kids

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I have been getting varying degrees of advice from dog owners and boxer owners. I have a 6 year old daughter and a3 year old son. By the time the pup come home my son will be 4 . I am buying a "pet" boxer from a wonderful professional breeder. She suggest a male for my family, but than I am also being told no difference and oh must get a female with small kids.

HELP!! What are your experiences and advice


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I am not an expert in this field, I can only relate to my own experience with the two boxers I have owned. IMO I think rather than the sex of the boxer, it is more the individual disposition of the boxer that matters.

Our first boxer was a male, and he was excellent with children. When he was just two past, my niece was born, and she spent a minimum of 5 days a week at our home. There was never any issues, he became her best friend, playmate and secret keeper (as she got older :) ) He never flinched when she tugged his ears, pulled his jowels and played very nicely with her during the 5 yrs they had together.

Kailee, our female, came to live with us at the age of 2. As well, she is an excellent playmate with children, very gentle, the only difference I see in her, is that she lacks the protective instinct of children that Buddy showed. Our friends own a female, Buddy's sister, and she too has been extremly tolerant and patient with children.

Maybe the difference in our home is that both my boxers have been aged 2 when first introduced to children being involved in their daily lives. You are introducing a puppy, but I think as long as you teach your children how to respect the puppy, not torment it, all should be fine regardless of the sex. One Golden Rule I do follow though is, Even though my boxers have been excellent with children I never allow them to be alone in a room together. This can only become a recipe for a bad situation. Maybe others can share different insight into this topic. The one difference I have noticed between the two sexes is, the males tend to be more laid back and less independent than the females as they grow up. Not that this is a good or bad trait, just something I have noticed with my two, and friends of ours who also own boxers.


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Our female boxer is like a mother hen to kids when they come to our house. When my nephew (2yrs old) would come over and play with our 4yr old daughter Dixie would go in the room and sit on the bed watching them play. I used to watch 2 girls ages 10 & 11 and Dixie would lay with them either on the couch or on the floor. If someone was hurt or sick she would lay with them. My nephew one day rolled down the stairs unhurt but scared. As his mommy picked him up Dixie went over to invesitgate and licked his tears away. He stopped crying but we all started. As for protection Dixie is protective. She has a few times sat in front of our daughter and myself when she doesn't trust someone. If anyone comes to the door knocks or uses the door bell she will bark. You just have to become familiar with the growling tones: someone walking down the road, someone in the yard, a neighbor closing a vehicle door,stranger near the house,etc.


"mommy" of Dixie Belle 17 mo. Female boxer & 4yr old daughter


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Dear Des11,
I would have to agre with Jean: I think it all depends on the personality of your dog. But since yours will be a puppy, either sex will grow with your children and will lean to love and cherish them. But you hafta teach your children how to behave with the puppy! I think that is the key to a great relationship!

I have no skin kids. And I am far from being an expert. But each time small children come to my house, Oscar tends to be VERY protective of the children, espescially baby-girls. Mollie is very independant with children. I think she llikes them coz She comes to investigate when they arrive, but she quits very fast. She gets annoyed quickly by all the noise and all the crying and hair pulling and all, so she goes away from the children. But she's getting old!!!! LOL

On Jan. 2nd 2002, my cousin came over with her little girl who had just turned 1. Maude was just starting to walk. Oscr was very curious at first, snifed, licked and all that Boxer-doing. He had never seen her before... But he loved her! Even now, i say "Oscar, where's Maude?" and he starts whinning! He doesn't do this or any other name i say! Once on that afternoon, Oscar and Maud were playing just a fe feet away from us (I did not want them to leave my sight, just in case...), and Maude stood up put hit her head pretty hard on the coffee table. Before she even started to cry Oscar was there licking her head, and whinnig "at" her, like he was saying "Poor baby girl! Lemme help you!". She didn't even cry! He "cured" her! She was hurt thoughm because later on, we noticed she ad a huge bump on her head... All the time she would raise her hand to her head, Oscar would come over and lick it!

Sorry this is so long!
Good luck in your decision and keep us posted!!!
:) :) :)

Eric J

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I spent my youth around a male boxer, and used to watch my baby sister grab on to his nub and just follow the dog around that way for hours. Amos (the boxer who started my infatuation with them) was definately a children first dog, and he was very good at putting up with all sorts of children love that would prolly have annoyed other breeds to no end.


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I'm the mother of three children, ages 4-8, so I understand you wanting to get the right dog for your family. I would have to agree that gender isn't as important as the dog itself ~ find a puppy with a wonderful temperment and you'll have a companion for life.

That having been said, we have only had male Boxers. My first one, Winston, was absolutely wonderful with children (my nieces and nephews). They teethed on his ears (ouch!), layed on top of him, dressed him in silly bonnets, etc. and he never so much as growled at them. I have little doubt he would have protected them with his life. Our present Boxer, Riley, is a bit more skittish around small children, but he had a pretty hard start to life so it may be unfair to present him as your "typical Boxer." Still, he is fine with our children and has never shown any aggression (except in play) with them.

Good luck with your decision!

Linda Lou

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I agree, sex doesn't matter. When we picked out our Curly, she was the only puppie that didn't come up and jump on my (then 2 year old) All the others were all over her. Curly just walked over and wanted to be held and cuddled. Now she is alittle more active, but she loves all kids. They are the only ones who can keep up with her when she's ready to play outside for hours. If any of the kids fall or get hurt Curly is the first to makesure they are okay. Our friends have a 3 year old male and he is the same way.
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