Completely heartbroken, Moucho is gone

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Boxer Pal
we are so sorry to hear of your loss. Although we never met Moucho, by his name I think we can all extrapolate what a great dog he was.

Wishing all the best in this difficult time.

Paws, Biggles, D&J


Super Boxer
I am so sorry for your loss.
Moucho caught my eye back when you first started posting on Boxerworld. He was such a handsome big boy and your picture gallery clearly speaks of your love for him, and his for you. I am so sorry that his time came so soon.


Boxer Insane
Time will go on and so will you, although the pain is still there. You will never forget him and he will never forget you. No matter what anyone says, he will always be in your heart and mind. Moucho was very loved and will never be forgotten.


Boxer Buddy
Keeping you my thoughts and prayers...

This isn't easy for me or for any one to lose their love of their life. I know in time the pain will ease but the longing for your baby will always be there. Moucho is runnng free not haveing to hurt anymore and I'm sure he'll be with you always as your Angel. I'm sorry that you have had to go through this as I have my self. Moucho is healthy once again as is my baby and he's not in any more pain. Sending healing vibes to you both and keeping you in my prayers.


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I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. Just know that he is now pain free and maybe that can ease some of your sadness. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Godspeed Moucho!!


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Thank you all so much for the kind and comforting words. Boxer lovers truly are special people. It's been a month today since Moucho Grande has left us, and I really can't say it's gotten any easier. Maybe if we hadn't been with him every second of every day since he was seven weeks old, maybe then it wouldn't feel like our hearts had been ripped out, but we're so grateful that he isn't hurting anymore. He was such a brave little trooper, and even at the worst of times, he loved going to his vet. Just looking at him would make you smile, his happiness was contagious. We miss you so much, Moochie baby.

Julie P.

Completely Boxer Crazy
Goodbye, sweet boxer boy. I loved you from the first time I saw your picture of you sitting on your daddy's lap. You will be missed so much. Magic, please give Moucho lots and lots of your boxer kisses.

Charlotte, there is not a day that I do not think of you and send you healing thoughts. Please know that I am so very sorry and understand how deep the pain of loosing a loved baby feels.

With tears,


Completely Boxer Crazy
sharring in your sorrow

Sorry to hear of loss of your boy Moucho
I was shocked to read your sad news...
I remember visiting your photo gallery; I loved all your great photos of your handsome boy. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our best friend, having to make that difficult choice of letting them go,
Because we want so much a magical cure to make them well again.

I know how much your heart is aching right now, but know that you gave him the gift of your love to end his pain and suffering,
The most unselfish thing that you could have done for him,
Even though we know that did the right thing for our babies it doesn’t make our hearts hurt any less. Moucho knew how much he was loved and how you took such good care of him
I truly know your sorrow from my own loss of our boy Riley 1/05 who had just turned 3 yrs old 3days before his RB journey
I seemed to find comfort, and hope you can too in knowing that our fur babies are pain free, All well again. Running and playing at the bridge like they did before they got sick.Thinking of the beautiful bridge with so many fur babies’ friends for them to romp and play with makes our grief a little more bearable.
May the love of friends and family and the & support of Boxer World members be a source of comfort to you, and may all the wonderful memories of the great times you and your family shared together with Moucho chase away the tears to help you to smile once again. Mouchos paw prints will be forever in your heart.lovicon

((((HUGS)))) to your family: Even though its tough right now, it will get easier

God speed .. Moucho angelicon you have lots of boxer buddies at the bridge to run and play with you.

paw prints forever in my heart (Riley) 12/29/01waiting at the bridge 01/01/05 miss you love U always
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