Coincidence or clever dog?

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Lola's mum

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When the dogs are in the garden and Casper wants a toy that one of the others have he usually just barks at them in frusteration but lately he has been running to the gate and barking and when they go to investigate he doubles back and gets the said toy.

Roll on to just now, Casper being Mr pig always finishes his food first, he normally stands watching Lola & Zeb finish occasionally like with toys barking at them. Today he runs in the garen and barks at the gate. Zeb momentarily stopped eating then carried on but Lola ran into the garden to where Casper was barking. as soon as she did Casper then runs in the house and tries to scoff her food.


Boxer Insane
Definitely a clever dog appicon

Dino does the same sort of thing, if Charlie is up in the sofa he go gets a toy, she jumps off to play and then he jumps onto the sofa :LOL:


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Oh Casper you clever dog you! lol sounds like he knows what he is doing and takes full advantage of it thanks for sharing!


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ha ha ha, thats so funny. I think casper is very clever. Dom does the same thing to smurf, but it doesn't seem to work for him,
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