Clover ate an Onion!

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Clover's Mom

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Uggg -what am I going to do with my child!

Well I went shopping and my roommate was watching Clover. I walked in the door and he says perfect timing, Clover just threw up - so I go over to this HUGE (dont' know how it came out of her) pile of what had corn, and onions in it! Huge onion slices. So I cleaned up, Clover seemed okay, I went to putting away the groceries. Heard her licking something, came out and there were two more piles of throwup, but they didn't have the large onion pieces or any that I could tell in them. Right now she is sleeping, but this moring she was acting fine, running around, beaning, being a boxer puppy.

Should I just watch her? Or should I take her into the vet?

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I would put in a call to your vet to be sure. I think onions are considered toxic to dogs. Better to be on the safe side!

Keep us updated!


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Onions are supposed to be toxic for the furkids, but since she threw it up, I would call your regular vet and see what he/she says to do. Good Luck, hope your furbaby is fine.

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evilicon Clover has been full of vinegar this week evilicon

AT least she hasn't torn anything up the past 2 days. Poor little girl, she's lying around not really doing anything. Called the vet, and they think she'll be okay, since she threw everything up. Talked to my roommate and he said she had gotten in the trash can and he saw her, and it was about a minute later that she threw everything up. Good thing for that.

I'm going to give her rice with a little kibble for dinner just to help her upset tummy.

Thanks you guys! Never a dull moment here!
Rlr.Giraffe - I think Clover is assuming because she is sooo cute, that Santa won't be able to refuse her a gift. :LOL: And I think she might be right - but I can take away her b-day party


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Clover you bad bad girl. I think you are going to end up on Santa's Naughty List. How did you eat an onion? Didn't it taste awful?

It's a good thing that she threw it up as they are toxic to dogs. It wouldn't hurt to check with your vet.


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Clover has definitely been into mischief this week devilicon ! You better tell her if she conitinues to be naughty, that Santa will put coal in her stocking! I hope she's OK after the onion!

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Clover is much, much better - after a day of throwing up, the next day resting and drinking lots she is feeling much better!~

We celebrated Christmas last night because Clover and I fly home next Monday for a month, and I didn't want to pack all her toys (just a few bully sticks and 1 or 2 toys), so she opened her presents and you would of thought I unleased a monster - boy, boxer burns all around! :)


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Clover's Mom said:
We celebrated Christmas last night because Clover and I fly home next Monday for a month

How do you fly with your pup? I know that cats can fly in that cabin with a special carrier but I didn't think it was as easy to fly with a dog. Do they go with tha cargo?

Have a nice fight.
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