Clone a baby.....

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Yeah, cloning people is a "no go" for me. If you wanted to deliberately mix races of people, or people with certain features to achieve the child you want - that's pretty messed up - but not to the extent of subjecting an innocent child to a life of WHO KNOWS WHAT! The two "parents" said, oh well, if the child has problems we'll just deal with it. It's one thing to say that if you are just considering the fact that any of us could potentially produce a child that had some sort of developmental problem - either physical or mental - but here you are in unchartered territory EXCEPT for the proof that almost all of the cloned animal fetuses died and many that actually make it to birth died and those that have lived have problems. Not quite the same stats, I'd say. I agree with whoever used the term "selfish." It's like they are saying that, regardless of the cost to this child, by God (literally) they want one.

Just another scary turn this world is taking, IMO.


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This is a definate no for me. There are too many kids in this world that need good homes. I understand the need for people to want a flesh and blood child, but this is going to far. As someone has already stated, things happen for a reason and I really believe that. Oh, and I *hated* that woman's (Kathy) comment regarding the health of children in other countries. :mad: :mad:


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Anyone read A Brave New World by Adolus Huxley? Reminds me of this book everytime I hear someone talking about cloning. Bad, bad idea all the way around. Before you know it, there will be all these mini-me's running around and our world will quickly lose out on the richness of diversity simply by eliminating individualism and there's a lot to be said for that. Even in cloning, there can still be no guarantees and anyone who claims otherwise is foolhardy and nonsensical.



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Originally posted by Linda/NJ
I don't agree with the cloning issue at all. I feel like some others, that maybe it is meant for them not to have a child, there is a reason for everything. If they are that desparate to have a child, how about them adopting a child? There are so many children out there, that are not wanted and need homes. It is not the natural thing to clone a human or animal. But I do agree with cloning a human organ, if it will save a person's life.

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I have to completely agree! There is a perfectly good reason for everything and these to people are not meant to bear children. This might sound hard, but I am not saying that they should not be allowed to have children I am say that maybe these people are meant to adopt one of the special children who don't have loving families and change that little persons life. No one should be allowed to clone people and animals unless it is benifical to society as a whole. I do not fell that this case would benefit society as a whole, I think cloning in this case is for selfish reasons only.


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I believe that its wrong for many reasons. As others have already stated there are so many beautiful and healthy children out there that need homes, and regardless of DNA a child is what the parents make it. Also I believe that it would open a floodgate that we aren't ready for. In courts DNA evidence is used as evidence to convict people, what would we do if there is more then one person with the exact same DNA. I think it is an all around bad idea!

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