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Is is possiable to retrain to use a clicker. Boomer is going through private obiedience classes he is a 9 month old neutered male and does good on the basic commands but has still been acting up (see previous post "hyper or what").would we benfit from clicker training vs choker collar correction? on the related problem as we need to stop this behaviour. or am I worring for nothing.I have heard a little about clicker training but I am unfimulair with most of it.Do you think we should retrain on the clicker or stick with choker correction for training.Our training is guranteed if we are not sastified the trainer keeps coming. We have been doing the training for several months with 2 different trainers who have since left the company.(all with basically the same training practices)we have had the same trainer for the last three months.with good results except for(see hyper or what post).
Thank you: Bob & Boomer
any info would be appreciated


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We use clicker training for Megan, in fact she starts level 2 on Monday. She really does well with it. She picks up pretty fast. I would recommend it to anyone. You can be a crossover dog, which means you had training before the clicker and than go to the clicker for training.

What I personally like about the training is it is not harsh and very positive. You would be amazed how fast they learn and when food is present even faster.

There are a lot of sites out there on clicker training. This site is where we take Megan there are some stories there you can check out.

In level one class they told us we could use spray bottles or spirt guns to stop a behavior we didn't like. Although I personally haven't needed to use it we did practice it at class. Tell Boomer "NO" and squirt him when he is jumping or doing anything that you don't approve of.


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As I posted in your other thread, I highly recommend clicker training and I feel dogs learn faster with this (or other positive) method. You'll most likely also notice a definite change in attitude toward training. I can't remember if I posted links in my response to your other thread, so I'll post them here.

Just a few links to get you started. You can get books and clickers at Dogwise - Karen Pryor's Clicker Training for Dogs Starter kit includes a book, two clickers, and a package of training treats. If you want to find a clicker trainer in your area, there is probably a link on one of the above sites, but if not try the APDT or the NADOI - check the mission statements, but I think both are for positive method trainers.

Good Luck!

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