Christopher Reeve

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I don't know if everyone has heard that he died. I hear he went into cardiac arrest on Saturday and never came out of a coma.

I also heard that lately he has been able to breathe on his own for a short amount of time along with working on learning how to take a few steps.

It's so sad that he has progressed for someone with a problem like he has and then this happens...

I am keeping him along with his family, friends & fans in my prayers...God bless!


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Yes the news was so sad , he was a superman in more ways than one. He will be sadly missed. I hope all the research that he was involved with can help someone some day and then it will all be worthwhile.


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I was sad over his death and the death of Rodney Dangerfield as well...not really my generation, but I loved both of them so much!

We are safer tonight with our Superman watching over us in heaven.



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I know it's sad. He struggled so hard for so long, then when progress is being made this happens. I feel bad for his family and friends.


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This touched me in more ways than one. I loved him as Superman when I was a little girl and always watched those movies with my Grandfather. It also makes me feel angry because I am a strong supporter of stem cell research which could have saved his and my grandfathers lives. I wish his family peace and comfort, which he has found now. Never give up the fight!

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My thoughts are with the Reeve family. His strength has been an inspriation to so many. He will be missed. RIP, Superman.
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