Choking and scaring momma!!

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Cassius is always Choking when he eats I dont know if its because he eats to fast or if he is not chewing but it really scares me to death he also makes this weird noise when he is choking like a snore!!! Do any of your boxers choke when they eat??
Any sugjestions on what I can do to prevent this from happening?
It happens almost everyday I getting to dread feeding him!!!



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Well Bailey doesn't do this, but Gage does. I hate it. I think for him is beause he puts to much in his mouth at once. I really don't know what to tell you. I do know how it feels though.


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Do you feed from an elevated food dish? Sometimes this helps.
Also, maybe feeding smaller amounts and more often would help.
Morgan drinks and eats from elevated dishes. She is a very messy eater though, and half of it lands on the floor.:LOL:

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I always put water on my food and nuke it for 40 seconds, it brings out the flavor, the nutro lady was telling us that today at Petsmart so must be true. let it sit for a few minutes to soften it some and then they should not choke. I think the elevated dish helps a lot also. My girl use to eat so fast that she would choke but now that I let hers sit for a while she doesn't choke. Hope this helps.
I agree with the elevated bowls and feeding more frequently. I will also sometimes sit with them and just hold the bowls for them. Don't ask why, they do have the elevated holders. I guess it's my way of also bonding with them. I can see it in there eyes like saying thanks mom for spending more time with us. Like they can't get enought I'm home almost 24/7.


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I've also read that if you put a toy of some sort, a kong maybe, in their food bowl that that will make them eat slower because they have to work their way around the toy to get to the food. Hopefully they won't figure out to just take the toy out of the bowl.


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Hooligan does this too and it can be kind of scary. He does it less often now since we got him elavated bowls, and I also find wetting the food helps too. Either with water or chicken broth or even and big dollop of plain yougert (fat free) anything to make it wet and softer definetly helps to slow him down. I have also heard putting something like a tennis ball in the bowl can help slow them down also.


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I'm with everyone else. My boys would eat too fast,and cough and spit food out. Adding lukewarm water to soften, and elevated dishes work great.
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