Chicken soup v. Canidae?

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I've been feeding Riley Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul for about the last 2 1/2 months or so. She really likes it and will eat it dry, before I switched her to CS she refused to eat her food without wet food mixed in. I really want to feed her the best food for the money and I've seen a lot of posts on here talking about how great Canidae is. I think the 2 brands are very comparable in price.

Does anyone have any opinions as to how CS compares to Canidae in terms of quality, taste, etc?



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I fed Canidae for quite a while. I thought my dogs would like a change so I switched to Chicken Soup. They liked it alot, but only for about six months. Then I noticed they were getting picky about eating. I also noticed that my white dogs were getting tear stains again on CS, so I switched back to Canidae. They still love it and gobble it right up. Seems they can't wait for mealtime.



My dogs love both CS and Canidae! My cocker spaniel started chewing her paws so I guess she was allergic to something in the CS. I switched to Canidae and the dogs are on their second 40 pound bag. :)


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Otis has been fed both CS and Canadae. But for the past 6 months, he's been on Canadae and is doing extremely well on it. Although Otis liked CS, he started getting picky about I tried Canadae and he loves it! His coat is shinier and healthier. His eye crusties have really deminished.

I think CS is a good food but remember not Every thing is good for Every dog. What may be good for my Boxer may not be as good for your Boxer and vice versa. You may need to try a few varieties to see what works well for your baby.

Good Luck!


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My puppy didn't really like the Canidae, ate it for the first 3 or 4 days and then refused to eat it plain, I had to add stuff for him to eat. I now feed him Wellness and he loves it. They're all good foods though, and each dog is different and likes different tastes and flavors. Good luck.


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My girl has been on both. She loved both CS and Canidae. I switched from CS to Canidae, though, b/c the CS gave her awful gas! She was burping a lot and passing gas, though fortunately not the smelly kind--it was loud! This type of issue probably varies from dog to dog, but I was concerned that Tae seemed to have so much air in her tummy and digestive tract in general. The woman who owns the store where I buy kibble told me it was probably one particular ingredient in the CS, barley. I think both are good kibbles!
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