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My 7 year old Boxer was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma . He had alittle bit diarrhea after his first 2 injections but he did good overall .

On week 2 the oncologist noticed muscle wasting on his spine and his cbc and vet scan showed high liver values .. and slightly high neutrophils He is currently taking reglan 3x daily , pepcid twice daily and predisone 20mg once a day .

My question(s)
1)How much milk thistle is recommended? he is 99 lbs

2)Has anyone tried K9 Immunity?

2)What type of diet should I follow..high protein or low protein ?

THank you so much
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Can only help with one question regarding the amount of protein. Muscles need protein to thrive so you should consider a higher vs. lower protein content and make sure it is of high quality as well.
When my girl was battling cancer we opted for a high protein, low carb, grain and gluten free diet. Carbs turn to sugar and sugar feeds cancer. Most higher protein diets will have less carbs but shoot for a food that actually states LOW carbs and grain free would be preferred.


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We give Milk Thistle Tincture to our boy for his liver. For the liquid it should be 2 drops per 10 pounds of body weight. So with him being aproxomately 70 pounds we give 14 drops. If you do a search online you should be able to find out how much in pill form if that is how you are wanting to give it to your baby.

To give the liquid what we did is boiled chicken and took the water and put it in ice tray's and froze the chicken water so that we could put two ice cubes in a bowl and add the milk thistle to it. Even when they don't want to drink they will drink this water.

I hope this helps you. I am sorry about your baby :(
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