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Well, this might have taken a while for me to put up, and I don't know if anyone will see it, but Mama Zookeeper asked for the story of the "Paper" part of Charlie Paper's name. So here is Charlie Paper's story...
In the beginning of this year my dog Buddy, whom I had gotten when I was a kid died at the ripe old age of 16. My family had other dogs, but how can any other dog compare to your first dog? So a few months later I decided that it was time to get another dog, but I wanted a Boxer. For a long time I checked websites of Boxer Rescues, because since I'm in college I decided I didn't want a puppy, plus there are so many older dogs out there that needed homes. I went to the shelter here in San Diego one day to see a 2 year old fawn boxer. It turns out he was a toy-aggressive dog, and since we still had dogs at home, this would not do. So a few weeks later, I decided that maybe I did want a puppy and the website for the same shelter said they had boxer puppies. I went down to the shelter, and combed through the kennels looking for the puppies, but instead I found Charlie. He was just so excited to see me when I walked in, and just something about him touched my heart, and I knew he was the one. There was no information on him on his kennel gate, so I wrote down his tag number and asked the woman at the desk. It turns out he was found as a stray and taken in, and actually on his way up to the Carlsbad shelter because he was found in Ramona and that shelter would be closer for the owners to drive to if they went looking for him. He had one hold on him, and so I put a second hold on him, (as that's the shelter's policy) in hopes that the other person wouldn't want him. I called the shelter every day for a week hoping the dog was still there, and he was. Finally the owners were found and gave him up, and I was given an appointment to meet the dog. My mom went with me, and since he'd be living at home with me until the fall, we took our other dogs to make sure they'd get along. The person with the first hold on him never showed up, and so after playing with him for 30-45 minutes, Charlie Paper got a new name and a forever home.
Ok here's the "Paper" part...There's a documentary called War Dogs, about the dogs who served during Vietanam. I'm a history nut, so even though it makes my heart sad, I like this documentary. There was a German Shepherd named Paper who served during this time, and not only did this dog show loyalty and bravery during battle, but he saved his handler's life, twice. The frist time he took a bullet in the shoulder for him, and made a recovery that baffled all the vets there. The second time Paper saved his handler's life, Paper lost his. The dog took a bullet in the back of his head that would have killed his handler. The handler said that it seemed like Paper knew what he was doing, and he was protecting him.
That is where Charlie Paper got the "Paper" part of his name. I wanted him to be brave, loyal, and love me with everything he has, and so far he's lived up to the name I gave him. Sorry this post was so long, but I wanted to share that with you all.


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Very touching - I got chills reading it.

I am glad you & Charlie Paper found each other. lovicon I am sure he'll live up to his name.

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A great name, a lovely story and one beautiful boxer boy. (I checked your gallery).

Thanks for sharing such a delightful read.

Pam and Pete


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That's a wonderful story. I'm so glad you found him! He's very handsome!

Lenore, Samantha & Beau


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I love rescue stories! My boy was a rescue, too. You have a really sweet looking guy there.And the name is the best!

Thanks for sharing!

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Wow, I like the way all the pieces fell together and you two ended up with each other! I am also a history nut and have heard the story of Paper many times (my father in law was a military dog handler). How lucky he was that you waited and then went back to the shelter! I hope you guys will be together for a long time!

Dora & the Zoo Crew
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