Chapter One "Buster Brown's story"

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November 5th I was told by an acquaintance at my training club that there was an 8-year-old boxer at the shelter. So the next evening I went to see him. He was a stray that the shelter had begun calling Buster Brown. His parents never came to claim him.

Well I took Buster out for a walk and he was just the sweetest old man. When I squatted next to him he sat right down in front of me just wanting love. He touched my heart instantly. My husband was also with me at the time and he had his reservations about Buster, after all Buster was 8 years old. Buster did not appear to have been taken care of; he has calluses all over including 2 on his hind end. Buster was not altered. The shelter did not have any history on him; Was he house trained? Would he mark inside of the house? How far would he mount our vet bills? Would he be good with our cat or our 14-month-old boxer girl? Tearfully, I agreed to leave him at the shelter for the night. At home we discussed Buster further, still my husband was not comfortable with adopting him. I called one of my local boxer rescues regarding Buster but the shelter would not turn him over to the rescue. My husband agreed that if the shelter could not adopt Buster and was going to euthanize him we would take him and turn him over to the boxer rescue.

I called on Buster every other day and everyday he was still there and not pending adoption. Finally Saturday, Nov. 15th I could not let Buster stay there a minute longer. My husband was not home and would not be back until the next day. I took Buster in and prayed that my husband would accept Buster and we could keep him.

Saturday when I went to pick Buster up at the shelter he was not there. He was at Petco at an adoption clinic. Buster had a badly needed bath and had his nails trimmed which worked out well for me since I knew I would have to take him to a you-wash dog-grooming place prior to bringing him home. I was with a friend of mine with whom I had previous plans. After Buster returned from Petco (we had to only wait about 20 min.) we brought Buster to her house. My boxer Jesse was there with my friend's 2 labs (a 6 year old and 11 month old). Buster acted like a puppy he was having the time of his life playing with the dogs. Buster had five hours of play!!! My friends absolutely fell in love with Buster. Between all of his playing with the dogs he would come over for cuddles from my friends and I. At eight o’clock I took Buster and Jesse home and set up a crate I borrowed from my friends in my bedroom. After a few loves I put Buster in the crate and he fell fast asleep. I slept lightly listening for him and I heard him get up 3 times during the night so I took him outside. He had loose bowels so I did not want him to have to hold it.

The next day we were all exhausted. Poor Buster did not have any play left for Jesse; all he wanted to do was cuddle with me. Buster would not get on the couch with out an invitation; he has the best manors. Miss Jesse’s nose was a bit bent over the whole situation that Buster did not appear to be just a playmate but someone who was fix’n on staying. She snapped at him a couple of times and she would try to herd him away from me but Buster took it all in stride. He was thankful for what he had.

Sunday night my husband came home about 6 pm. Buster made a wonderful impression on him with his boxer charm. I do not think that Buster is going to need the rescue after all……….he has already been rescued.

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Aww, you are a Boxer angel! angelicon What a sweet thing to do. I'm glad to hear that Buster's first weekend with you went well. Poor old gent - he didn't deserve to be thrown away like that. Miss Jesse will adjust, I'm sure, though actually it's Buster who will probably end up bending. It's just natural for females to be dominant nonoicon over the males.


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You are an angel! I wondered about Buster since your previous post. I'm so glad you are going to keep him, but it was good of you to rescue him from the shelter and give him to rescue if it didn't work out that you could keep him!



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That was a great story, thank you for sharing. You are very brave to bring him home without telling hubby - I'd probably have done the same thing. I hope it continues to be a happy home for the four of you!!


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What a wonderful thing to do, giving Buster Brown his final and finally forever home. I am sure hubby wont regret it. Bless you for rescuing a baby that needed it. Can't wait to hear more!

Catherine and Gazou


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partyicon partyicon partyicon

What a happy ending! I am SO happy for your family and your newest addition, Buster. I think we will hear a lot about how wonderful a decision it was to add Buster to your family.

This is one of the heartwarming stories, makes you feel a bit happier just hearing about it!

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Bless you for taking in this sweet old man. Buster sounds like a complete love and I am sure he will be so happy with you. The first boxer we adopted was a senior and he was the most amazing fellow. He wasn't with us long but I loved him from the first moment I met him. I am very happy for you all and Buster.angelicon

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