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jeremyj said:
ladyluck, what do you recommend for Chance's new fear. As I am setting here typing this he just has this look like something is wrong. He is nervous when going in to the front room now, and if I touch him when he isn't looking he jumps. I honestly think that my yelling and my gf's yelling scared him the most. He also wants to sleep in bed with us. What do I need to do to get him back to the way that he was?



I didnt realize that he was a rescue, all I can say is WOW, he has amazing restraint. I wouldnt trust many rescues to behave so well in such a situation.
You have yourself a great dog there :)

Ok, what you are describing sounds like a fear based issue. First off, I think if you have the financial option, you should consider looking into a behavioral consultant/trainer. Do your RESEARCH though, a bad or ineffective one will be more harm than doing nothing. is a great place to start your search. Also, call rescue's, vets, etc......get loads of recommendations and VISIT them before hiring them, if they wont let you do that. well, you dont need them (cause really, what have they to hide ;) ) The main reason I say this, is that it is very hard to give advice on the internet when I have never seen the dog or know what exactly sets him off. A qualified professional physically there to observe would be much more effective.
In the meantime, I would recommend the book "Cautious Canine" by Patricia McConnell. She has a very step by step procedure to do a behavioral modification (p.s. even her book recommends getting a specialist in ;) ) This should give you some tools to help you while you find a quality trainer.
Another thing, you will need to take a good look at how you treat him, make sure you are not re-inforcing behaviors you want removed. ;) So no coddling! It is so very hard I do understand, probably much harder for your GF than you ;) Patricia's book "the other end of the leash" explains it best. We are primates and communicate in one way, they are canines and communicate totally different way. So watch your re-inforcements.
You have to remember that you are the Leader (both you and GF) and you must both act calm and confident right now. (again this might be harder for GF than you, I wouldnt sleep a wink anymore if it was my house ;) ) Do not make allowances with his behavior for his fear. I know it sounds harsh, but dogs dont need or want to be coddled, they want to be lead ;) Practice a NILF program, it works with my rescue babies that come in with all kinds of bizarre issues, quickly and non-confrontationally. ;) It might also help your GF get over the shock if she "has" to act calm for the stability of the dog. :)
Ok, this is looking like a disertation again...sorry. Hope it helps. should call your lawyer or a lawyer about the suit. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row. I have heard (not sure what state though) that it is possible for an intruder to sue (AND WIN) the homeowner. And if he had come into my house, he wouldnt have been concious! :) I play for keeps! :) Of course I would have been a basket case for months afterward ;)


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The guys parents want to sue you because their son was so drunk (at 20 years old, no less) he mistakened your house for his somehow.

The lights are on but no one is home.

Does this guy live near you? It's obvious he wasn't "lost" but if he at least was one house over from his?


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YEA!! For Chance. Love it!! What a hero he is!!

Sue????????????? This is why we have kids ruling and beating up parents now. How about if that was my son, I would have blackened the other eye AND had him come to apologize and repair anything he may have damaged in your home. AND THANKED YOU for not shooting my child.

I swear todays parents do not beleive in discipline and we wonder why our kids are out of control.


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The police called today and said that the guy's parents want to sue. Apparently I put a large gash on both sides of his face, blacked one eye, and knocked a tooth loose. I just laughed, and told them to have his parents come on over to my house tonight around the same time.

OH DEAR GOD...the nerve of some people. Sounds like the parents need their eyes blacked a couple of times smashicon He'd be lucky to have a head left if he'd come into my apartment...I imagine my husband's nine iron to the cranium does quite a bit a damage.

Sounds like Chance was quite the hero :) Hopefully, he won't develop any long term fear issues from this, and this shakiness that he has right now will pass. If not, LadyLuck offered some sound advice.

Sweet Ginny

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What a good boy you have there!!

I was going to mention the same thing Carolyn said--it is very important not to coddle him when he is acting afraid--you will only reinforce that behavior. I think she gave you excellent advice--that is probably the best route to solving Chance's issues. But what a wonderful guard dog you have!!

I wonder if the story the boy told his parents was different from what actually happened. You know how that works--"it wasn't my fault . . . I'm the victim . . . . " That happens way to often in today's society--and parents just make excuses for their kids instead of making them face the consequences for their actions. Are you pressing any charges for breaking and entering? Even though you were in the right, you probably should talk to a lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. His parents are idiots--if my son had done something like that, I would be THANKING you for not shooting him! He is lucky that you (and Chance) had restraint! Can you imagine if he had broken into a house with a dog that bit first, barked later? :)


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Thank you for all the great advice. I will get the book that you recommended LuckyLady. He is getting better about the barking at noises, and it has only been 2 days. When he does it, he normally stays 5 feet away from the door and barks then looks at me. So, what I have been doing is walking to the door and showing him that nothing is there. He then calms down and moves on. Well, he is doing it right now. Barking and growling at the door.

He is a great dog except 2 things. He wants to sleep in our bed, and if he doesn't get to then he constantly tries to wake us up after 6am. I go to bed late, so I like to sleep in till 8 or a little later. The other thing he does is LOUD barking trying to get us to initiate play. I go in another room and he follows. We shut the door and he keeps up. Him wanting to get in our bed, and not letting us sleep is the worst. We tried letting him sleep in bed and he starts moving around A LOT after 6 or so.


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What a thread! I remember reading about what you went through with Chance when you first got him. Looks like your rescue has rescued you. Go Chance! He is a tribute to the boxer guarding temperament. Any intruder would have been shot in my house. Not trying to be tough, that's just how it is. I am glad it wasn't worse for you.

Patricia McConnell is a great recommendation. "The Other the of the Leash" has helped me look at my dogs in a whole different light.

I am anxious to see what advice you get about the early morning wake-up situation as I am having the same problem with my lab puppy.


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He wants to sleep in our bed, and if he doesn't get to then he constantly tries to wake us up after 6am.

Chance may be an early riser. Layla thinks it is time to get up a 5 in the morning. It has been just too hot for her to get her energy burned off. One thing that has helped me is to escort her back to her bed and tell her to go back to sleep. I had to do it several times before she would stay. DH has not been happy with me about not letting her in our bed (he loves to have her curl up by him), but I have been pretty firm on that.

The other thing he does is LOUD barking trying to get us to initiate play. I go in another room and he follows. We shut the door and he keeps up.

Yes, Chance has energy to burn. Getting a second dog helped us when Brody did this. A walk before dark may help also. Anything you can do with him to stimulate his mind and body will help. Really I'm probably not much help here. Getting Brody another dog to play with is the best thing we did for my sanity. All we did from the time we got home from work was play with Brody or he would bark and bark.

I have been doing is walking to the door and showing him that nothing is there. He then calms down and moves on. Well, he is doing it right now. Barking and growling at the door.

When you go look to see what Chance is barking at, don't tell him it's OK and pet him. You will be reinforce his fearful behavior. Brody was a rescue and was really fearful of a lot of things. When he is barking at the wind, I would go look and if nothing was there I would tell him thank you and walk away. If someone was there I would tell him good boy and put him in a sit stay while I answered the door. He would run away and hide if I didn't put him in a sit stay which was not helping his fear. It takes a lot of work to help a dog over come a fear, but it can be done. "The other end of the Leash" really help me. I think I've read it 3 times.

Good luck Chance was a brave boy.


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Karma man! You guys rescued Chance and are giving him love, protection, now Chance has shown you guys that he loves you, will protect you & your home. Wow, how cool is that! Great job Chance, WooWoo! appicon

Now about that kid :rolleyes: ...Karma man, what comes around goes around. His parents are doing more damage than good by showing anger over his injuries. Sure they are upsetting to see, but it could have been so much worse (the gun!) and he is lucky to still be alive. And why, he was in YOUR home! Geez! I would also speak to a lawyer because in my humble opinion nowadays the law protects the criminal rather than the victim. OK off my soap box :)

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