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HL Hendrix

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Hi everyone,

Over the past couple of days, Hendix has been licking and biting at his left front paw. Last night, he was standing with it lifted up off the ground. When I inspected it, i found it to be red and it looked like maybe some puss. I put some vaseline in it to try and sooth it for him, but I am not sure what to do and if vaseline is the way to go.

i would like to avoid the vet if at all possible, but believe that I may have to make the trip, it will be covered by the insurance.

Has anyone elses little one had this issue? and if so, what did you have to do?

Thanks in advance.

Caney Creek

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Caney has been chewing on her paws lately too. She has allergies :( If she's chewed enough to break the skin or cause infection like what Hendrix has done, I put neosporin on it and make her wear an e-collar until it heals. Once the skin has healed up I can put something else on her feet to help soothe the itching -- usually baby powder is all that's needed, because the paws tend to get moist which causes itching or blistering.


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Chewed paws

Funny that you posted this because I came home last night to my Chloe having a TEAR of her paw she had been chewing on them and ripped her pad back.

Chloe has bad allergies to fresh cut grass. Our vet has her taking Benadryl. It is 25mg per POUND of weight. Chloe is 79 so I only give her 2 even though she could have 3 makes me nervous to give her to much.

It helps!!!!

just NEVER give Benadryl-D the decongestant can cause seizures in dogs.

Good luck :) Benadryl and then neospoirin or a bactrin on his pad should help.


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Benadryl works great for my chloe. I came home last night to see she had chewed at her paw! Our vet has us give Chloe 25 mg per body weight. i give her only 2 of the 25 mg at a time because I dont want to give her to much and she weighs 79 pounds.

Just NEVER give the Benadryl-D the decongestant can give them seizures.

good luck!
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