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I apologize if this has already been talked about- I didnt go back that far to see the old posts.

I just finished the book and was wondering if anyone else had read it and what their thoughts were?

I really do like how he focuses on how dogs behave in the wild naturally- being a biologist, I like his way of thinking.

I just am a little concerned.. I am definitely a "nervous energy" kind of person.. a little neurotic ( I can admit it) and i'm a little nervous (see!) that maybe I'm not the right owner for a boxer according to his book. I'm trying to be the "calm-assertive" that he describes- but it's definitely not a natural thing for me. My puppy is 12 weeks old does not listen, very defiant.. but I'm not sure if that's him being a puppy or him thinking he rules the house.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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I love Cesar and I love Victoria Stillwell. I tend, little by little, to agree more with the later one.

but I have read the book Cesar's way and really really liked it :)

I know our state of mind/energy do influence our dogs. I don't think he belives he owns your house..

I think if you set rules and boundaries.. and lots of fun/play time, your puppy will come right around and respect you :) I think the best is to develop a strong trust based relationship with your pup :)

I think dogs are way more balanced when they know what to do and know what to expect :)


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I've listened to it on CD. Its a good book and it.s interesting to hear about Cesars personal history.

Exercise, discipline, affection in that order.


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While I find Cesar very charismatic and great on the TV - I totally disagree with his methods when it comes to canine behavior. I will say he's gotten softer in his years, but his firm belief in "dominance" and forced based training turns me off from the get-go. Plus his methods have been debunked a million times by well known animal behaviorists - granted they don't have a TV show, but you might want to check out Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Brenda Aloff, Jean Donaldson and Turid Ruugas - all of these folks have great books.

The one thing I can agree with Cesar on, plus all of those I mentioned above is that you must always be consistent and make sure that your dog knows what's expected of him or her. Even a nervous nelly can do that - because I am just like you.

Your puppy is being a puppy - it doesn't know right from wrong or what you expect of it because he's just not there yet. Stay engaging, stay fun and as your boxer grows your training will grow.

Here are a couple of great articles to help you shape your pup.

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I also read the book when I got my first dog. Like ehayes21 I think Cesar is very charismatic but I don't agree with his methods anymore.
Please don't feel intimidated by what you have read and by what you think you should be or how you should act according to the book. You only had your puppy for a few weeks, it takes time to build up a connection with a dog (especially for a first time dog owner, and on top of that first time boxer owner!!) In time you will establish a relationship with your puppy. Right now he is still a puppy and has no clue about anything. I would encourage you to sign him up for a puppy class. Look for a trainer that uses positive reinforcement only. Personally I really like clicker training. You will both learn a lot and it will help you connect with your puppy.
I also recommend reading some more, ehayes21 mentioned a few very good authors.


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I've read the book (all of his actually) and watch his TV show. I also attended one of his behavior seminars a few years ago.
I have also read pretty much everything else out there pertaining to dogs behavior and training.
As with anything in life you pick what you agree with and what works for you & your dog and "forget" the rest!
Dog training is FAR from a perfect science. I personally don't think that any ONE person has all of the right answers that would work for every single dog.
The thing about Cesar is....IMO....due to editing we don't see half of what might take place during a session on TV. In person he clearly stated that he never recommends an owner use certain types of potentially injury causing apparatus yet we see dogs with choke chains on his show. What he does do instead is spend time teaching an owner how to properly use the equipment they have chosen themselves and of course if they are open to something else he will bring that into play.

I like that he has let the mainstream public know that exercise is a huge factor in having a well rounded dog. So many issues could be alleviated if a dog is allowed to burn off some energy!

Your self description of being a "nervous energy" type of person hit home with me. While you thought a Boxer might not be the type of dog for you I thought the exact opposite! I am high strung. Always have to be moving. If my body isn't then my mind is. A Boxer was and is the perfect fit for me. I tend to convey energy at times that my girl pup picks up on and it just escalates her energy.....I pay for it too! I am a work in progress. :LOL:


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I totally agree. I like some things from him, some from others.
I love how he places exercise as #1 and balance to get a good happy dog. Honestly, my dog cannot get exercise nowadays because of medical issue, he is very frustrated.

I cannot imagine how many people abandon their dog for misbehaving, when the poor dog is just bored and frustrated, cooped up inside for hours.

I believe that TV editing must have hurt Cesar.
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