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What cell phone do you have and do you like it?

Are you addicted to your cell?

I am laying here in bed, surfing BW from my cell phone just wondering what everyone thought about their cell phone and its usage.

I have a blackberry pearl, going to get the new blackberry storm when it comes out. Previously, I has just regular cell phones and was happy with them but then I got this blackberry and have been blown away with it. It is amazing what such a small device can do. Sometimes I wonder though because I think I am addicted to it. It makes a ding when I get a text message or an email and I swear I hear that ding in my sleep. There is also a red light that blinks when I have a message and I always catch myself watching to see if the light is blinking. Even if something like a quick reflection catchs my eye in the general direction of my phone, I have to make sure it isn't the light blinking. There is no way to get away, I have my email, internet and phone at my fingertips. The sad thing is that I couldn't imagine it any other way :eek:

A negative though if that people seem to demand an immediate response because they know I get emails immediately.

What do you have and are you addicted?


Boxer Insane
My old phone was a krazer. I have just upgraded my phone, so now I have a voyager. I have only had it a couple weeks, but so far I love it. It has a gps system in it, so I know I can't get lost.LOL I really like the touch screen on it. My 2 daughters and I communicate mostly texting. Even when they are upstairs in their rooms, instead of coming downstairs, they will text me. Guess we are lazy. My phone is with me 27/7. Haven't downloaded music on it yet. But I have an ipod, so I may not. There are a couple pictures on it, and of course my front picture is of Tyson in the car. :)


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Right now I have a Razer but I would like to have a Blackberry. I do not use my cell phone that often. I am a 911 dispatcher and on the phone and computer all day, so I guess thats why.


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I just have a basic cell phone.
Don't use it much. Just have it in case I have car troubles or if I need to call home for some reason.
I don't use it just to call some one and chit chat.
Mostly, I don't like talking on the phone much to begin with.


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My brother just got an LG Voyager so he gave me his old Samsung Juke. I'm still getting used to it but I like it so far. I want to get a Samsung Glyde but I don't want to sign a new contract just to get a good price so I may be waiting a while! I don't want/need a phone with internet capabilities but I do text a lot so I want something with a QWERTY keypad.


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I've had the iPhone since they first came out. It is a love/hate relationship ever since.

Love to have the internet,GPS,email,music,movies,games,phone all at my fingertips.......but the gliches drive me insane sometimes.

Learned after the first version to get the extended warranty. And get a cheap, emergency phone off ebay in case the iPhone goes down.

I DO have tons of pics of my babies on there too, so saves on wallets space!

joeys mom

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I have the envy (green) and I love it. I never am with out my cell. I did hear it was discontinued wich just means I will get the envy2 when I need a new one. I have thought many times about getting a blackberry, I KNOW I would love it but that would just tie me to work more than I want to be. My BF teases me and calls me texter 2000, cause I am always texting him or one of my friends instead of calling. I use the camera in my phone like carzy too. Most of the pictures are of Joey and that makes it easy when someone asks about him I just whip out that trusty cell phone and there ya go an instant library of pics of my baby.


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I used to have the Razr 2/V9 which I LOVED, until the internal and external display went out.... 9 days after the warranty expired!! I've always had flip phones and have a soft spot for Motorola phones, but right now I actually have the Blackjack 2. It was time for something new!
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