Celebrated Boomer's 4th Birthday last Saturday

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Happy belated Birthday Boomer :) Wow it is hard to believe you are 4!!! And to think, just for your special day, the snow fell from the sky giving you something different to play with :D How lucky can one get?

Jean, Kailee and Clyde


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happy 4th birthday boomer!! my oldest, Tes, just turned 4 in jan. :) birthdayic partyicon birthdayic partyicon birthdayic

debbie knowles

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My My My....4 years old and I do believe you are more handsome than ever!! Happy Birthday Boomer!! We are glad you enjoyed your special day. Love, Deb, Jack and Jaimee K.


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birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic 4th Boomer. I hope you had a wonderful day with your papa.

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