Celebrated Boomer's 4th Birthday last Saturday

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I celebrated Boomer's 4th birthday last Saturday....just happened to be Valentines' Day. Spent most of the day lounging around the house, leaving the back door open so Boomer could roam around. Took a trip to Petsmart in the afternoon for a new collar & ID tag, and a couple of toys, and headed back home.

He's sleeping (or at least pretending to sleep) behind my chair as I type this.

Scott & Boomer

Sam S

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birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic
happy birthday Boomer!

lots of boxer love & kisses from
Ali & Eric


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birthdayic Boomerpartyicon kingicon I hope you got lots of goodies and I hope you gave your dad a big wet kiss too!

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birthdayic birthdayic Boomer, Hope Scott bought you something great at the pet store!!!!birthdayic birthdayic


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Happy Birthday Boomer. I hope you had a great day and got a couple of wonderful toys!

birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic


birthdayic Boomer birthdayic
Guess you were too far south to get all that snow on Valentine's Day. Hope he enjoys his new toys! partyicon


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There was about an inch of snow and ice down here....enough to make me wonder why the bed got wet when he jumped on it after coming in from the backyard. Not quite sure what he thinks about snow yet.
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