Cat urinating everywhere.. Can anyone help?

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One of my cats (I have 2) hates my boxer puppy! We have had the puppy (Laila) for 3 months now, and this cat (Pete) is paying us back by urinating all around the perimeter of the house (and now we know there is space between the floor and the wall because we have found that it drips down to the basement).

Has anyone dealt with this before? I have tried everything.. Pete's problem is behavioral. He is 7 and we have had him checked out at the vet numerous times. He was neutered at 4 months of age. There is one litter box per cat in the house and they are usually cleaned daily (every 2 days at most). We use an enzymatic cleaner everytime and never use ammonia-based product.

I need some cleaning tips.. How do I get rid of the smell if it's soaked into our wood flooring? (and baseboards and walls in the basement) The only think I can think of is re-construction but I do not have that kind of money.

Please tell me that I am not alone.. And that there is something I can do while keeping all 3 of my babies.


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My cat started doing this a couple of months ago, the smell was awful!!! he only did it downstairs on the carpet yuk! my son ended up taking him to his apartment because he thought it was the dogs that were upsetting him but it turned out he had crystals and had to have an operation, he was doing fine but now it seems to have come back and he's on meds again. I looked up in the yellow pages under carpet cleaning and I found one there that specializes in animal urine, they use a black light and also use some kind of acid wash. We are going to book this company for next week, we just can't seem to get rid of the smell its sickening. Someone also mentioned that Natures Miracle that can be bought at pet supply stores I think works well too. So make sure your cat is not sick. My cat didn't like my boxer either. Good luck. Not really sure about hard wood, my cat never urinated on my hardwood but I would check the yellow pages where you live or the net.


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I'll have him checked.

Scorpio said:
it turned out he had crystals

He has been treated for UTI several times before, is this different from crystals? I will certainly call the vet tomorrow to make an appointment. I just started taking the cats to a new vet, one who only works with cats. The one who treated him for UTI before didn't do any tests or anything, so maybe this new vet will have more insight for this problem.


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For your Pete's behavioral problem, ask your vet about the anti anxiety drug amitryptiline. I've used it for the same behavior your cat displays and it has worked well. I had the drug compounded into a topical for my Pinky and rubbed it on the tip of her ear. It is not terribly expensive, about $25 per month compounded at the pharmacy. Pinky would not take the pill form. I weaned Pinky off the drug after about a year. Her problem has not returned.

For the wood, I would first try Nature's Miracle, available at PetSmart or online from them. It may take several apllications. This stuff removes both stains and odors. Buy a gallon of it. If that doesn't do the trick, perhaps a company that specializes in odor and smoke removal could help. Your insurance agent will know of companies specializing in this or check the yellow pages. Many times if you can pull up the wood and clean it and get air around it the odor will go away.

Good luck. Cat urine is always a problem but with work I've always been able to get it out of all but woolen carpets.

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2 of my cats used to do it a lot. It was a behavior problem. Especially when i 'd go on a trip. Either one of them would piss on the suitcase or sofa. SOmetimes it was my pillow (nice).

So i'd close my bedroom from then on. Put a tarp over the sofa (every night and when i'd leave the house) with a cat alarm on it. And always pack in the bedroom.

It really sucked. And pissed me off (no pun intended). And it stunk.

My sisters cat did it too and thats why she was named Pia.

I have a new cat now and it is an "outdoor cat". He has never peed in the house and he couldnt be happier living outside. I dont know if where you live you are able to see if he likes hanging outside or not.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the tip!

Holden's Mom said:
For your Pete's behavioral problem, ask your vet about the anti anxiety drug amitryptiline. ...

For the wood, I would first try Nature's Miracle, available at PetSmart or online from them. It may take several apllications. This stuff removes both stains and odors. Buy a gallon of it.

I did not know there was anti anxiety meds for animals! I will definitely ask her about it. I'll try sanding the floor in the area and cleaning it with Nature's Miracle before re-finishing. I have used it before on my furniture (he pees on my couch too) and it's great stuff. It just never ocurred to me to use it on the floor, duh! :)

Thanks again. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this soon. I don't want anyone to have to re-locate.


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For the smell in the wood, the thing that works best is to pull back the carpeting, clean the wood, then actually reseal it with the stuff you you use to finish hardwood floors. This stops the cat from smelling it and going there again. Then you would either have to replace the carpet or douse it really well in Nature's Miracle and hope it gets all the smell out because if the cat smells it he'll pee there again.
It's a real pain.


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Generic Nature's Miracle

I have used the Nature's Miracle and it works awesome but is kind of expensive. Walmart carries a knockoff of it -- I'm not sure what it's called but the bottles look very similar to the Nature's Miracle and I swear it's the same product. It works just as well for about half the price. My cat also was diagnosed with struvite crystals in her urine and has been using the baseboards and carpeting for her restroom for a while now and this is great at getting out the stains and neutralizing the odor. My cat was prescribed Clavamax and an Rx diet of a low magnesium food, Hill Science Diet c/d, to help prevent the crystals. She is still going outside the box occasionally but not as much as before.


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Vet update

Well, Pete went to the vet today and discussed his problem. Vet said that he seems in great health just from a physical examination. I am now in the process of obtaining a urine sample. They will then test it for crystals. We have to move some things around and keep the cats on a seperate level from the puppy for now, to see if it makes things better.

The vet said that if this is not a medical problem, she will prescribe him some valium. Has anyone ever heard of giving valium to a cat?
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