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The other day I was reading a book about training a dog. In the aggressive dog section, it stated that a dog that kills a cat and does not only engage in a game of chase with it could do the same to a baby, since babies make high-pitched sounds when they cry.

I am very concerned about this. I plan on having children in the next couple years. I don't know if I'm worried about nothing or what, but I need advice.

I've had Tae for 2 months. I adopted her through non-Boxer rescue. Before I adopted her, another women who owned cats and fed stray cats attempted to adopt her. I was told Tae would chase the woman's cats and they would hiss or paw at Tae and she left them alone. I was told that she would chase the strays and two of them didn't defend themselves. She grabbed them at the neck and shook them both, killing them.

I didn't think much of this when I adopted Tae--I'm not much of a cat person. Now that I read about the corellation (sp?) between cat killing and babies, I am very upset.

Is my concern valid? If so, what should I do? Any advice would be welcome.
Rowdy was attacked by the first cat he met and now he hates cats with a passion. He looks like a shark, snapping at his prey when a cat is around. He is great with all 3 of my boys, especially my 2 year old. Noah likes to put his arm around Rowdy's shoulders and walk beside him in the yard. He is also very calm around dogs. Cats beware!!!smashicon


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An adult dog knows the difference between a cat and a human baby. Rest assured.

Its all in how we introduce and acclimate our boxers to new babies that is important.

I really wouldn't worry about what you read. It isn't all that a reliable statement. All dogs are different. They have different prey drives and different training, different temperments, etc., etc.

Cross the bridge if and when you get there and don't worry about such old wives tales.


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It isn't all that a reliable statement
So true! There are some books out there that are really not all that wonderful (so bad it is a mystery as to why they are still selling), and there are are also some books that are great, but still contain some stuff you have to wonder about. Moral: Don't believe everything you read.

BeckyNC - Our Bella can't be trusted with cats but she is one of the most wonderful dogs in the entire world with babies and children, a real sweetheart :)

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Unreliable statment...

I agree... that's bogus. Every author has an opinion though don't they...

It's not something we're proud of, and I don't bring it up in normal conversation, but Omar has killed a few cats in his life. That being said, I can honestly say, he knows the difference between a cat and a baby.

Every dog has a prey drive. Some have stronger prey drives than others. I also believe it depends on their life experiences - like Rowdy's Dad said.

Omar is a great dog - he just HATES cats. We adopted him at age two, so I do not know for sure how his dislike for cats developed. I knew his previous owners, and while they did not have a cat themselves, they let Omar literally run the streets day-in, day-out. I'm sure it developed somehow through that.

Now that he's a part of our family, anytime Omar goes outside, he's on a leash - he cannot be trusted off-leash - PERIOD. There are too many cats in our neighborhood that are allowed to roam free, and I just can't take the chance.



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Thank you all for your responses! I was literally in tears discussing this with my obedience trainer after class on Weds. I hate to say it, but she really made me feel worse, than better. She told me my dog needs to see a behaviorist. I just couldn't bear the thought of having to find a new home for Tae one day, just b/c I might have a baby. I feel much better now.

I have a friend who went through something similar with her 10 yo dog (hated other dogs and was aggressive with her twin baby boys). She ended up having to have her dog put to sleep. It was not an easy decision for her and this was just 2 1/2 mos ago, so the whole thing is fresh in my mind...

I won't worry so much now and I'll be sure to use some of the "introduction" techniques I've already read about here on BW, when the time comes!


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By the way, I meant to mention I read that in a Baron's book called Training Your Boxer. The book was not all that helpful.


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Those Baron's books are the WORST !!

Check out or book forum for some really excellent books which will be waaay more helpful to you than that silly Baron's crap.


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This may sound awful, since I read the whole book, but I plan to return it to Barnes and Noble. I bought it b/c I really enjoy reading anything about Boxers, or dogs in general, at this point.

When reading the book, I felt like a lot of it could have applied to any breed, and they probably inserted the breed type at the appropriate place, then sent the book to the publisher.

I've also started reading The Dog Listener and The Other End of the Leash (I think that's the name of it). They are both very good books.


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From personal experience my dog is definitly not a friend to cats, in fact he HATES them. But we do alot of babysitting ( I used to be a nanny, now I'm just a stay at home doggy mom, until my baby gets here in september)
Magoo loves babies, the only problem is he wants to lick them more then they want to be licked, but we're working on that. Most likely your boxer will be very protective of your baby and might be distrssed that the baby is crying and want to help it. I have heard that you can buy audio tapes of babies crying just for dogs to get them used to it.
In short your dog can definitly tell the difference between a cat and a child!! good luck down the road!!:)
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