cat food mongers!!

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Lava Linda

Completely Boxer Crazy
Does anyone else have problems with their boxers scarfing their cats' food? I try to keep them away from it, but all it takes is a moment, and they suck it right up and keep on walking...
If I feed the cats outside, they have to compete with a dozen other cats, so the bowl's perpetually empty outside, too. Does anyone have any nifty solutions for this?
If so, Rover and My New Sweetie With No Name would appreciate it.

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Kim Y

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Yup....another scarfer here with Oscar. My Golden loved cat food too. Must be why the love the kitty crunchies too. :P I have to put the cat food up on the counter. Unfortunately, Oscar is now able to reach the counter with his nose so I suspect that won't last for long. I'm considering putting a kitty door on the basement door for Buster and leaving his food down there. Dunno what else I can do.

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My dogs all love cat food and even more disturbing is the kitty litter. We ended up putting the cat food and the litter box in the extra bathroom and put up a baby gate. the cats will jump the gate but so far none of my dogs have. It works great that way my cats can eat in peace.

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We used to feed our kitty on a utility cart in the kitchen when Katie was alive. But now that we have Mack.....for one thing he is food obsessed and he is also taller than katie - so we had to put poor kittie's food out in the garage. It is a pain in the neck to have to constantly open the door to let her in and out (she's a nibbler), but it is the only way to keep Mack from stealing all her food. Poor old kitty, she'll be 19 in the Spring.


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A baby gate is a good idea. If your cat resists jumping, set it off the floor six or eight inches so the cat can go under but the dog won't fit.


Julie Davis

Boxer Insane
I don't know what's in the cat food that Boomer loves so much, but he is the world's worst about eating cat food. It's my cat's fault though. He'll meow, meow, meow for food, I'll put it down there, he'll eat 3 bites, and walk away and let Boomer eat the rest! Then 5 minutes later he's meowing for food again. And don't even get me started on the cat litter issue!

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