Casper Update

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Lisa M

Completely Boxer Crazy
Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I've been here. In May we moved to upstate NY from Miami. (And thanks to whoever controls the weather for giving us a record breaking amount of snow storms and cold weather for our first winter here!)

But we are all settled in now and I'm glad to be able to check in and hear about everyone's boxer stories and lives again now.

Casper loves his new/old house!.

He was very cool and understanding about all the driving and hotel stops when we moved and was a really good boy. He even growled for the first time at a guy that was looking at me kind of creepily when I made a wrong turn in NJ and got lost on the way up here. What an adventure that was.

Since we moved I discovered that Casper likes to eat soap! Yuck. He can open the bathroom door at this house if he pushes on it really hard with his nose. So when I'm in there sometimes he decides he has to make sure I'm still ok. So far he hasn't decided to check in on any guests thank goodness!

The first time I was taking a bath and heard him licking SOMETHING, so I thought he was just doing his usual thing. "Oh, gee this smells interesting, lets see how it tastes!" Then he usually gives the thing a few kisses and walks away. But I finally popped my head out to see what he was doing and he was chomping away on a stray bar of soap on the floor. We've been keeping all the soap out of his reach since then but he managed to get a hold of it once again and loved it that time too.

How strange, I was telling him how much I hated soap the time my mom made me wash my mouth out with it! :LOL:

He also really loves to run around in a much roomier and safer yard, which was one of the things we wanted in our house hunt.

Other than that we are all pretty much the same boxer crazy family.
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