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Okay, I am sad, I think this is the first time I've ever visited this part of the forum. :LOL:

Anyway, wondering what the folks of BW do to pay the bills and support their habits!

As for myself. I recently graduated with my associates in veterinary technology. I found a job as a vet tech really quickly after graduating but the clinic was pretty awful (at least compared to my standards and what I'm used to) so I lasted a total of 5 days before quitting! I'm itching to find another job (at a better place!) but in the meantime I work as a kennel assistant at a vet clinic, occasionally filling in and helping out with technician duties as needed.

You? :)


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Just the other day I was thinking about starting a thread with that same question :D

Congratulations to you! I'm sure you will find a great job soon!

Before I moved to the US I studied social work in Germany. After a few years of working here I decided I needed to do something else and I am now in graduate school, in an accelerated program to become a Nurse Practitioner. I'm only 2 semesters in and it has been one hell of a ride! I love it. I am graduating in 2014 and until then dh has to pay *most* of the bills, lol.


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Currently studying for an associates in occupational therapy assisting, then planning for an associates in both veterinary technology and canine massage therapy. Maybe eventually I'll go back for a masters in occupational therapy.

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I have an associates degree in Criminal Justice and a BA in Law and Justice. I am currently a senior probation officer for our local county governement. The more I work with people though makes me think I much rather be working with animals:)


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I own a pet sitting and dog walking company.
I was a hair designer for 25 years. I was doing both for many years and it worked out "okay" since I was self employed with both professions and could easily regulate my schedule to accommodate both jobs.
That ended in Dec of 09. I gave up hair and with more time available the pet sitting biz grew beyond my wildest expectations. I have one person working for me and could easily hire more BUT....I am already overwhelmed as it is and no longer take on new clients, (unless they have a Boxer!).
I should have given up hair 10 years previously. I found my niche and love it.
FYI....there are a TON of "previous" vet techs in my industry and business owners are hiring them up any chance they get. :D


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I worked in a very mundane job for years in a production company working in quality controll and doing interinal systems audits it was fine when my childern were small because it was near home any handy but as the years went on I used to live for fridays and hated mondays and decided that life was too short to feel like that . Id say within two weeks of thinking this I saw an add for a sales advisor for the Walt Disney company in the home entertainment dep and the rest is history, its by no meens a high flying job you just need the gift of the gab and some common sence but this is my 8th Xmas with them and I just love it ,its such a fun job and a great company to work for. OMG how I regret staying in a job I didnt like for so long.


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I'm a RN, currently working as a nightime hospital supervisor for all inpatient and clinical areas. It's not a bad job and pays well, but my passion is working in NICU (neonatal ICU) and will return to it at some point.

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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance. I decided that the starving musician thing wasn't for me so I went back to school and got a paralegal certificate. So, I do both. I'm a paralegal (litigation and employment) during the day and I gig at night. Still trying to think of what I want to be when I grow up. :LOL:


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I am a stay at home boxer mommy :D but previously I was a Nursing Assistant for a Rehab unit and before that the secretary for same Rehab unit. I loved working with the patients but after a few passed away I couldn't do it any more. So my DH drives a shuttle back and forth to the airport and I take care of our home and fir babies.
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