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HL Hendrix

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Hey everyone.

I just started switching Hendrix from puppy food to adult/all life stages food recently. I decided on Acana Pacifica, and so far so good. However, I like to ensure I am feeding him the best product I can.

I went to a local store yesterday as the championfood website lited them as a seller of Acana and Orijen, and I am all about supporting my local business as I am sure everyone is especially during these times. Anyway, they didn't carry Pacifica, just the standard Acana foods but she was nice enough to order it in for me if I wanted.

The topic of what type of dog I had came up and she said that her daughter has a boxer with bad allergies and she feeds her Canisource, a low temperature dehydrated raw food that uses 70% beef and every ingredient is fit for human consumption that is used in the food.

Has anyone else heard of or used this food? It is fairly new by my understanding and the company really only sells it through the mom and pop shops as well as a few internet sites.

Here is the web site if anyone is interested in learning more:

Oh, there is no review on dog food anaysis either...just saying :)


Boxer Insane
Ingredient wise it doesn't look bad, but personally it is not a food I'd recommend for allergy dogs. It has quite a few grains as well as gluten in it which many allergy dogs cannot tolerate, so for that reason alone I wouldn't recommend it to allergy suffering dogs. But just as a normal dog food it doesn't *look* bad at a glance.


Boxer Insane
It doesn't say what source the "beef" is. There is only one meat listed. You say it is 70% beef but the protein content is at 27%. I am not a scientist but I don't see how that can add up. I would think that a food which consisted of 70% meat would be much higher in protein. But I just may have no idea what I am talking about!
Perhaps it is the dehydration process?
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