Canidae retailers in Mass??

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I recently switched my Cookie from Nutro Ultra Puppy to Natural Balance Chicken Formula and have been VERY dissapointed with the Natural Balance. She has several health problems including demodetic mange and I have been reading about Canidae being good for sking problems. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Canidae retailers in Massachusetts or nearby. I would really like to try her on the Canidae. Otherwise I am open to suggestions about what people have found is good for skin and immune system problems. She is 9 months old now!


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I have very good experience with Canidae All Life Stage in term of health, skin and etc. Only the problem I have, was my 5-month old puppy's stool. It was always soft to diarrhea. I have recently switched him to Solid Gold Lamb and Rice and he is doing in great with his stool. It has hardened the moment his main kibble was Solid Gold (I switched very slowly in the period of 10 days). I don't see any change in his skin, health and etc, only the improvement with stool. With Canidae he pooped about 8-10 times a day. Now he is down to 4-5 times. I also supplement him with one banana a day (1/2 in the morning, 1/2 in the afternoon) since my puppy is always hungry and I should not increase his kibble because it is said that the high quality food is very dense and you cannot feed him too much (it will lead to diarrhea and loose stool).

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I have been very pleased with Canidae for both of my boxers. Ty has been on many foods for allergy tests (food trials), including home-cooked for some time. He does as well on Canidae as he did on home-cooked. If you look up Canidae, their website has a store locator where you can put in your area code or zip code. Good luck-hope there's a store near you that sells it.


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I think I saw it at Petsmart in Braintree. If not there try a smaller pet shop. I find they have the hard to find treats. We have to go to a small shop a few towns over to find Splash's Wellness treats. Good Luck!


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Try your local feed store. Even though Canidae did not list Agway on their website (check the Canidae website), that is where I found Canidae and some other five star rated foods.


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Not sure where you live in Mass but Especially for Pets sells Canidae. They have 6 stores throughout Massachusetts (Newton, Acton, Sudbury, Wayland, Westborough, and Medway). You could also try a local feed store or another small pet store. Good Luck!


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Canidae Food

I was able to find a location on the Lynnway in Lynn - called pet express I believe. I also just ordered a 40 lb bag online at for 29.99 plus s/h - very reasonable.
I had the d-mange mites with my little guy about 6 weeks ago and someone had mentioned changing the food to Canidae. I had been giving him Nutro Ultra since we got him at 7 weeks. He's had 2 mitaban dips and the spot seems to be growing fur back. I just hope I didn't make a mistake having the vet dip him. he's supposed to go for a third this week. This is the first dog i've had since i was a kid and back then trips to the vets were few and far between, so I have to kind of listen to the vet.


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They have it in Hyannis, Falmouth and Brewster. All on the Canidae web-site if you search a place. Good luck :)
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