Canadian living in Pakistan

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hello there i am a Canadian working abroad, i have just bought a 4 month old male pup home by name of sammy.
My first boxer, more used to German Shepards
I will post sammy pics soon.


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Hello Alex,

Welcome to the board, I hope you will enjoy it :)
In Tunisia I saw several boxers that were imported from Pakistan. They were bigger (between the size of boxers and bullmastiffs) than the boxers we can see in Europe, very strong too. What made you choose a boxer? Are they common there? :)


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Welcome to the Board, fellow Canadian! I came to Canada from India many years ago - met my first Boxer in Bombay, he belonged to my sister and her husband. He too was a very big boy, called Jasper. When I lived in India, purebred dogs were unusual - there were thousands and thousands of mongrels. Pakistan is a 'hot spot' in the world today - hope things are allright where you are.


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Hello and welcome from another Canadian!:cool:

I am originally from Toronto, but now reside about 30 minutes east. Where are you from?

Enjoy BW, it has been very helpful to me (and extremely time consuming:p ) It certainly is addictive, I have signed on for a few minutes, and ended up here for hours LOL


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hello every one all those who want to see sammy pics pls go to the photo gallery he is under fawn and has the hot seat


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sammys pics

the cutie


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Another Canadian Hello

Welcome to the forums!! Sammy is such a sweetie.
We live in Oakville Ontario and are owned by our 3 yrs old female brindle named Kailee.
Sammie looks to have a lot of character, so I am sure the Sammy stories that are forthcoming should make for some good reading. ;)

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