Can you have Babies after a Hysterectomy??

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YES! I just did today :LOL: .... Ok so it is not a human or any thing but, he will grow-up to think he is...

I have been lurking for a month now and today we went and got our first Boxer! He is so cute and I am soo happy. We have been missing a member of the family and found him today! He is only 4 weeks old and is a fawn with black mask and a white chest. It feels good to baby something seeing how I am just getting over my hysterectomy which I had in Nov...I am only 25 years old and still need babies :) So, I guess this is my chance...Well, just wanted to share my good news...


Hi and welcome! Your subject kind of threw me for a loop; how clever! When will you be bringing home your new baby?

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early...yes I know

He came home with us yesterday!...So, I am the mommy now... as a matter of fact he is raped in a blanket and is in my arms right now...he just had dis breakfast :)


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Congratulations on your new baby and welcome to the board! I must say though, 4 weeks old is WAY too young to bring your baby home. It should never have been separated at such a young age. Best of luck with your little cutie.


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Welcome. I'm so glad you found the missing member of your family :)

I agree that 4 weeks old is way too young to be separated from the pup's mother and littermates. Usually around 8 or 9 weeks is the proper time for separation. But at any rate, we wish you good luck with your new boxer.

Where did you get him, from a breeder, a friend? We love boxer stories and pictures, so we look forward to hearing all about your new puppy. Does he have a name yet?

Again, welcome to the board. I'm sure you'll have lots of questions about your new dog, and this is the greatest place for answers, support and friendship.

Best of luck.


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What you calling your new pup?
I'm going to be getting a new dog from Manchester dogs home, I've been thinking of names for a couple of weeks and the best I can come up with are Lennox, Murphy or Bud for a boy and Hollie, Tessa or Charlie for a girl.


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Wow!! when I first read the title of your post I thought perhaps there was a new miracle of science out there that I had missed!! LOL
Congratulations on finding your missing family member. I too got into Boxers at a time when my maternal instincts were very strong. My one and only son had moved away to college, and being young myself I felt the need!! Buddy filled my void, and now 7 years later I have added a second, Kailee!!


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Boxer Babies Are The Best!

Last Spring, my maternal instincts were kicking up again. We thought "Baby or furbaby?", and I was also really missing my Mugzy too. Well, we adopted Cooper at 9 months old from Northeastern Boxer Rescue and he is completly my BABY now! He's also the best buddy that Callie and Cole (my skin-twins) could EVER ask for! Welcome to our board, it's like a big family!
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