Can They Outgrow Allergies

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Boxer Buddy
Gunnar is now 15 months old. When we first got him, he was being fed Eukanuba, and I immediately started to give him Canidae. However, he had such loose stools, I thought maybe it was the chicken and switched to Merrick. Loose stools cleared up, and since then, I have switched many times, each food being without chicken. So far, so good.

Until now, when I just changed to Sold Gold Hund n Flocken. Although he loves the food, it seems his skin is getting a little flaky by his tail, and he began shedding a lot. We live in upstate NY, so I don't know if it's the change of seasons, or change in food.

In the dog food analysis, I always read about Artemis - seems like a good food., but it contains chicken. I wonder if I should give chicken a try again at this stage of the game. I really never knew if Gunnar was allergic, or he was just adjusting to a new home, new food, and that was actually the reason behind the loose stools.

Anyone have ideas?? Thanks so much.

Hobart Ave.

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I could be wrong but I don't think allergies in dogs usually manifest as loose stools. Usually dogs with allergies, be they food or environmental, are very itchy. Hobart is allergic to tree pollen and he has really watery eyes, red feet, and little bumps on his head. It could just be that chicken or another ingredient doesn't agree with your guy and that's why he had diarrhea. If I were you I'd be comfortable trying another chicken based food but of a different brand. Buy a small bag and see how it goes.
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