can dogs "sense" oncoming labor???

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ok I'm 36weeks pregnant and the past few days Sidney, our 3yr old female, has been acting REALLY weird!! She's been really clingy to me, she's chewed things in the house when we went out (it's been a long while since THAT'S happened!) and today she dug 2 giant holes in our backyard!! I just don't get it. She's been so strange the past few days, like she's not even the same dog! I guess I thought maybe she was acting this way because I'm going to deliver soon??
Anyone ever dealt with this? I'm just confused! I've been watching her to make sure she's not fact she just had her checkup recently and everything was a-ok.


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I am 17 weeks so I would be anxious to know when you go if that is the reason she has been acting strange!! I have heard that they do, though. My friend said her mom was pregnant with her they had a G. Shepard and it got so nutty right before she went into labor with her!!
Good luck and keep us posted!!
Boy or Girl?? Do you know?


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Watch your dog the next time you cut, bump or hurt yourself. My partner had surgery on his knee a while ago and our wee girl Ali was strange from the day I bought him home. She sniffed and licked for about 2-3weeks and pretty much ignored every other part of him. Instead of lying at his feet she made it certain she could lay beside him and would hold her head on the thigh above that knee but she wouldnt sleep while she was doing this. I know that Ali sensed something was wrong with her dad and I also think she was just doing her bit to make him better.
Id be pretty sure your boxer knows whats going on or can sense a big change for you.


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I think they know. My male Duke knew when I miscarried a baby. He wouldn't leave my side and wrapped himself around me in a big hug. Later, when I went into labour with my son, both my boxers seemed to be guarding me excessively. Maybe they can sense the hormonal changes, or maybe they can sense very subtle changes in our behavior as we become restless and uncomfortable. I don't think I would use my dog as an indicator of when to go to the hospital though! You will know when the time comes!

Good Luck to both of you!!
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