Cami's "I'm Bored" video

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Beau's Mommy

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Awww, Cami, wouldn't anyone play with you!!?! Beau watched your video with me and he says you're a very pretty girl! ;)


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OMG! i watched this one and the "wooooooooooo" one today and i had to show everyone in my house because cami is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!


Boxer Insane
Poor Camii...she has such a rough life...nothing to do but lounge around all day on a nice plush carpet and pick on the kitty. She has to shove her toys in her human's laps to get them to play with her and then even then, they are too busy hold that 'thing' that is always pointed at her:D LMAO...yea right! She is a cutie.

Julie P.

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I enjoyed watching this. How cute, some of the things she was doing reminded me of my two boxers. Cami is a very pretty boxer baby!


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Where you watching "Joey" while taking this video?
You see I am one of THOSE who look at the background!!!! (a previous post)

Cami is so cute.


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Cami has such a girly look to her!! Very cute. I love how she suddenly gets the little burst of energy once she gets some attention!!
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