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California natural reduced calorie (long)

Discussion in 'Feeding' started by Boxer Babies, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Boxer Babies

    Boxer Babies Super Boxer

    Mar 23, 2006
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    Im hoping someone may be able to give me some advise. As most know, Thai has sever Aoritic Stenosis and has recently had a bout of Pancreatitis.

    I have hadThai on CN for the past four weeks, the first bag was normal Chicken & Rice but Ive just ordered two bags of the reduced calorie Chicken & Rice because they didnt have the other. For some reason we cant get the lamb formula in australia. The RC was what I originally wanted actually because I need to keep the fat content down for the AS. I know the reduced calorie formula does not rate as high as the normal and I will rotate between the normal and the Reduced calorie.

    anyway the reduced calorie one has the chicken meal listed second so Im guessing this one is lacking a bit in the meat content. I was thinking of boiling up a couple of chickens each week and adding the meat to the kibble.

    I also read about throwing in an egg evry now and then and some fish. i used to do this before Thais pancreatitis to support his heart, as well as sprinkle evening primrose seeds over his food. he used to get an egg each week and two small bait fish about twice a week (about 12cm long). im a bit worried about going back to this as it may be too high a fat content for him and may cause a relapse of his Pancreatitis.

    Does anyone have any advice? before the Pancreatits we had both dogs on Supercoat for the past four years. its not the best food but it was the only one we found that they didnt get sick of. Since the Pancreatitis I decided to spend the extra money and get him on a very basic, high quality food.

    But I dont want to neglect his heart either, its important that I make sure hes getting his Omegas and stuff to keep his heart strong, without overlaoding with fat which can cause all sorts of problems.

    Can someone shed some light???
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