Bye baby boy :(

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I'm so sorry about your Riker. :( It's so hard to say goodbye, and I still cry when I think about Roxy (lost her in April). It's a special spot that will never be filled. Run free sweet Riker boy, no more pain and lot of running at the bridge. angelicon


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Thank you everyone for your kind words.
It is just so strange that I have never grieved this strongly before. But Rik is in a better place now. No more pain, no more fear, no more vet trips and no more pills (hmmm, wait, no, he sure did like the peanut butter that went with those!).

After a nice walk in the woods (loaded with pain meds), he died peacefully with his family, still chewing the last french fries of his happy meal.

I just miss him so much. I'm sure in time I'll remember him and smile instead of crying. Thank you again everyone. I'm sure I'll be back when I forget just how mischievous baby boxers can be and welcome another into my life :)


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The greif is so hard,& if you don't have a boxer I don't think you understand
I know when Beau went to the Rainbow Bridge I did not think I would ever recover,the pain was so raw & my heart hurts so badly,it took a long time to be able to control my tears & I still cry & but I feel him around me always
In time return to Boxer World,I know it has helped me I can see all your sweet babies & it reminds me of Beau
Thank you all at Boxer World for sharing your stories,good & bad
Please know the folks here really care how you feel about your dear Riker
Thinking of you, Cathy


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I am so sorry you lost you sweet and so young Riker. The pain does get easier but that empty spot in your heart is forever reserved for the one we loved and lost.

Run free at the bridge Riker.

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I am so sorry Vicky for the loss of your sweet boy Riker. Your in my thoughts and prayers. I feel your pain as anyone that has lost a boxer does. Bless you!


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Vicky, it is so hard to tell your baby goodbye. I feel your pain as I just lost my little Lexie in March and it is still so hard. May peace be with Riker.
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