BYB selling Parvo Pups.....I'm beyond MAD....

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Just a warning--this will make you LIVID! I'm so pi$$edI cannot sit still!

Last night one of the ladies in the rescue called me to give me a head's up that we may be getting some calls about people wanting to turn in sick 7wk old boxer puppies. Evidently, one of the police officers that works with us had just investigated a house where they were selling 7 wk old boxer puppies with PARVO to people. The officer was so upset. She took the couple puppies that were left (there were originally 10!!!) and got them to the vet who said immediately that they were too sick to save and they were suffering. They all were euthanized. She made the family pay for the vet visit which amounted to about $120 to put them to sleep. Here is the kicker--the people said they had never even heard of parvo! They also said that this was the 3 yr old female's THIRD litter of puppies and that they don't want to spay her because they want to have ONE MORE LITTER NEXT YEAR! So there are two other litters of puppies out there (if they even survived) that we KNOW never even had shots to begin with, and about 7 puppies from this litter that we KNOW have PARVO and more next year that will probably also, being that parvo stays in the environment for up to 2 yrs! All from this ONE IGNORANT family.

I'm just sick about this...I wish I could just shake those people.....


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was there nothing the police officer could do other than take the puppies that were left???they should have been able to at least fine them, they had to know that something was wrong with them...


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It just amazes me that in this day and age that people still dont know a thing about parvo!!! How ignorant can you be!!!!

Those poor little puppies, those kind of people just make me sick.


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Under the circumstances, couldn't the officer have taken the mother, too?? If the owner was so irresponsible as to not know anything about puppy shots and parvo, to me that is a definite sign that they should not own a dog!! Wow, that IS a blood boiler!


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It's so frustrating that some people have no sense of responsibility.
Sadly this happens all too often. I've even (In my childhood) heard of people drowning little puppies and kittens when they realized that they could not find a home for them. Pet dogs should be spayed and neutered before they leave for their new homes, you can't trust in finding a responsible/caring home who will appreciate their pet as a pet. Honestly I don't get why so many people want to breed (just once/or just one more time), ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


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Is there anyway that the officer can make them spay her or take her away. If she was going to make them spay the mom she would probably give it up. You know how those people are. If their not making money the dog is of no use to them. Awful people.


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Stupid people make me so mad...never heard of parvo...yeah right!!! They should be the ones to be put to sleep for their ignorance!!


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Well if they haven't heard of parvo, worrying about the mom having more puppies may not be an issue, since she'll most likely contract, and die from the disease. What a sad situation, though not at all uncommon. :(

I have seen pups as young as 8 weeks survive Parvo. It's bad and it's nasty, but it almost always treatable if you catch it early enough. However, the treatment is very expensive, and there's no guarantee's the dogs will survive.

Parvo is very virulent and spreads via feces, the dogs get awful diarrhea. If the places they defecate aren't sanitized with a product like Parvosol it can stay there for up to 7 years.

Even vaccinated young dogs (up to around age 3) can be susceptible to Parvo if exposed directly to the virus. Older vaccinated dogs are generally safe from infection, but again, no gaurantees.

I can only hope and pray for Karma to take over. Maybe the breeders entire family will come down with a flesh eating bacteria or something.
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