Brushing your dogs teeth

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The vet reccomended brushing my puppies teeth. I ignored it for a few weeks, but since he needs his last set of puppy shots this week...I started feeling guilty about *not* brushing his teeth..and went out and bought a 'doggie' tooth brush..So now i dont have to lie about brushing his teeth or feeling guilty when he asks me if ive been doing it. I was wondering how many of you brush their dogs teeth...and how often?

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Alisha Mobley

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I do brush my dogs teeth. I used to do it 1-2 times a week but here lately I have slacked off a bit. It is a good habbit to get into and helps with their breath. Mine seem to enjoy having theirs done although at first they just wanted to chew the tooth brush. :D

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I brush Jake and Zoe's teeth. Jake hates it and will tolerate it, but I have to do it fast! I use the fingertip brush, so he can't and won't clamp down on my finger. Zoe loves getting her teeth brushed, I think because she likes to eat the toothpaste. It does help keep dirt off their teeth and gives them fresher breath. I don't do it as often as I should (once per week), but try to at least do it a couple times per month. Jessica
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