bringing baby home concerned about jealous boxer

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Hi, my wife and I are expecting we have a five year old boxer, Jessy, and two shih tzus Kiko and spotty. The little ones are rather sedate but Jessy is a blast. She loves children and is fascinated by them. Our concern is that she does'nt know her own strength. She is also a bit on the jealous side. She is obedience trained and well behaved, should we be concerned? We would love to hear from people who have had experienced similar situation. Thanks in advance!. John and Dana

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First of all welcome to Boxerworld & congratulations to both you & your wife. cool2icon
I should say at this point that I have absolutely no experience with babies of the human variety & therefore won't be able to help you out with any first hand experiences. :p
But, I have found a couple of links that maybe of interest to you.

Also here a few previous threads on the subject....

So best of luck & I'm sure Jessy & your new baby will be best of buds before you know it.
BTW, my better half was virtually raised by a boxer named Cash & she turned out O.K. :p
Mind you it'd be nice if I could stop her from wanting to stick her head out the car window all the time, plus the drinking from the toilet bowl can also be embarrassing at times. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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:LOL: I'm laughing because once that baby is born, I guarantee you, YOU and YOUR WIFE will be the jealous one's because your Boxer will ditch you both and become instantly bonded with the baby.

There is nothing like the bond between a Boxer and a child. NOTHING!


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Hey thanks for the vote of confidence guys. Dana and I have been working with Jessy to try and control her exhuberant hellos! Things seem to be ok for now.:) The previous threads were also a big help! look forward to giving the board up dates and lots of pictures.


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New Babies with Boxers

Hi, I'm new to this board, but I do have some new baby / old boxer experience to share.
We have two Boxer girls, now 7 & 5.
My children are now 4 & 2.

I was worried about the dogs getting jealous with the new babies in the house or feeling displaced, etc. My dogs are true velcro dogs. They used to sleep with us, and follow me from room to room constantly.

Basically, try to make any major adjustments to your routine before the baby arrives (where the dog will sleep, if she'll still be allowed on the furniture, etc)

Once the baby is born, but before baby and mom arrive home, bring home a hospital blanket for the dog to smell. You can even try wrapping a doll or pillow in the baby blankets you already have and cuddle them, etc to get her used to the idea.

When Mom and Baby arrive home, try having at least Mom go in first without the baby and greet the dogs. Don't make it a monumental affair. Bring baby in and try not to alienate the dog.

Have faith in your dog, but be mindful that she is still just a dog.
Playing with toddlers, or older children is different from having having a new (wiggling, crying, stinking) baby around all the time!

My dogs adjusted quickly, and thankfully I have never had a problem. My dogs and kids adore each other. The only thing I worry about now is the 2 year old annoying or hurting the older boxer. She has arthirits now, and has less patience for the ear tugging, and jumping, etc.

And if you have any doubts about your dog, consult a professional trainer / behavorialist. Better to be safe than sorry!

Best of luck with your new addition!


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With the arrival of our first skin baby due on the 10th February 2003 looming very very quickly, we have been constantly wondering about Oscars reaction to the new arrival. He is 4 now and has always been our 'baby'. He is very excitable and exhuberant and we are worried that he may react badly. I am so glad that I have read this post as it has given me some great tips on how to approach the situation when it arrives.

All our friends and family are saying that we are going to have problems which upsets us as we do trust Oscar and he loves children, he is just very excitable and doesn't know his own strength. We are working on trying to calm him down some but would appreciate any more tips on how you all approached the situation.

Thanks guys - and good luck John & Dana xx

:) :)


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hI GUYS! Once again I d like to thank everyone for their responses and timely information. We too have received negative feedback from relatives and friends. They are all concerned that Jessy will behave badly. One even suggested we keep Jessy in the basement!:mad: I would never! She has been doing well with her new role as "older sister" Althought the baby hasnt come yet we have been pretending and she seems to have acclimated nicely. She is still very curious but with commands she is able to control her exuberance! We have made sure to give her plenty of attn but at the same time kind of enforced alone time, where she is palced in her bed and is to stay there for variable amounts of time. It seems to be working!


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I'm glad to hear that you are preparing her for the new baby's arrival. Best of Luck!

We had many many comments about how we should keep the dogs outside, in the basement, or even get rid of them. I would never! Some family would constantly shoo the dogs away from the baby and/or put them outside as soon as they arrived.

It's funny because I am sure the dogs wanted to do the same to the company! Once we had a family friend over. She's the kind that talks very loud, and is very animated with her hands and gestures. Well as she was talking to my mother, who had the baby next to her on the couch, the friend moved closer and closer, got louder and louder, and was soon almost standing over the baby as she spoke. Maggie very quietly got up from the other side of the room, and placed herself between the friend and the baby, and began a low growl as if to say "ok, back it up & move away from my baby!" It took my mother a minute to realize what maggie was doing. Of course I didn't mind, she was just protecting her family:)

I've had several episodes like that were the dogs have 'looked' out for the babies. It's very heart warming!!

Best of luck to you all:)


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This is a wonderful thread and I'm glad to have found it. We too are expecting our 1st children (twin boys). They will be here in 11 days or less and we are worried about Boz and his hyperness. He would never hurt a child, he just doesn't know his own strength. The tips given here have been great and I will be sure to try them out...Thanks guys :D


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congrats on the twins! best of luck and lets us know how things work out, id like to keep this thread going just to get feed back on how the individual dogs behave upon arrival. it would be very interesting to see!:D
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