Brindle Boxer needs home in Houston TX

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Any body interested?? pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeee..! I currently have a boxer of my own and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment !!! I would take him but I can't... I really can't... He is a beautiful smart brindle puppy, he will be a year in Dec 12, He is dog friendly and kid friendly ! he is smart and sweet and what else can I say?! he is a boxer!

My friend wants to take him to the SPCA because she can't have him anymore... but I dont want him to go the SPCA! I dont know what to do.... he needs your help :( He is not neutered but I'll pay to have him neutered... I want a really good home for him or at least a foster home, before the holidays and I'll keep looking to see if anybody can give him a good life. I really wish he stays with good people that will love him and make him really really happy, I pray God for that, he is a good good dog..


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Have you tried contacting a boxer rescue in your area? That's is where I would start. Good luck.

Lisa Ann

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Hi, Nikos-

I'm incredibly interested- my boyfriend and I have decided to rescue a boxer. We currently have one, a female who will be a year in January, and she would LOVE a brother. We got her from a breeder in Orlando, and we always said that our second would definitely be a boxer that needs a forever home. However, I'm in Memphis, TN (my profile says Florida, but we have sinced moved), but maybe we could meet halfway if he's still available? I know it's a lot to ask, but I would hate for him to go to a shelter, and he sounds like he'd be a perfect addition to our household. Is there anyway that you can post a picture?

Thanks, Lisa Ann


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I would be interested as well. I am doing a search for my next "boy". I lost Hogan last month, and I have been going back and forth about fostering or adopting. We have one female that is ours and another that we foster and they both miss their Hogan. Both females are spayed and we would neuter the male that we decided to bring in.

Houston has a large rescue group, but your friend's dog will do much better if he has a personal spokesperson for him trying to find him a home.

Please post pictures and let the board know what you decide to do.
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