Brego the jealous man or just being a cheeky monster??

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My little boy has recently taken to destroying my bf's stuff....

He doesnt touch mine (except sleep on one of my shirts), and he has to rifle through the clothes basket, either clean or dirty, to get to his stuff clothes. He also takes his shoes and hats and his sunglasses.

He doesnt listen to him, he doesnt behave with him.. but Brego is perfect with my Bestfriend (also a guy) who lives with us!

Its strange cos recently my partner and i have been fighting a lot lately and it started around then too. Maybe Brego is seeing something i cant, i know i have thought a lot about leaving my bf, and Brego is around when i have a little cry and he is my little protector.

Im a firm believer animals sense things people cant, but i would love to hear what you all have to say, he is only a puppy, but he seems so much older sometimes, especially when he cuddles me when im down- its like he understands me like no one else!


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Brego is not even 4 months old. Hard to know what goes on in their puppy brains, so this is only a wild guess. I do appreciate they are incredibly sensitive and reflective to our moods. However, I certainly wouldn't try to understand what is going on in his mind from a human perspectives like jealousy, or protecting, or understanding the direction your relationship should go.

He is a very young boxer pup, and as such always looking to play and get attention. He may simply see your bf as someone closer to his status, (given your fighting), and someone to engage and play with. Very common for boxers to get engagement by doing things people will respond to. Stealing clothes from someone so that person will give chase or respond in some fashion would not be surprising. Meanwhile you may be less approachable for Brego play if you are irritated with bf.

Just some wild guessing.

Good luck with your pup and bf.
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