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i have a beautiful baby girl and she's only four months old. My boyfriend and I plan to breed her when she is old enough, but i have a question, should i breed her on her first heat or is it customary to wait for the second. i realize everyone has their own opinions but i just wanted to see what the majority replied.

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You're going to get a lot of heated replies to this one, from many qualified and experienced breeders.

My 2 cents, if you don't know when you should breed, you definitely have a lot to learn. Secondly, it is NEVER an option to breed on her first heat. That could be as young as 6 months old!!!

Females should be at least 2 years old before breeding. Not to mention all the health testing that should be completed prior to even considering breeding.

Once you discover how much work and money is involved I hope you will change your mind.


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Wow, I'm sure glad you asked.

Here's a few questions for you to ask yourself.

Are you going to show her?
Are you willing to spend the time and money to do health testing?
Are you able to tollerate a bitch in season untill she is over two years old? (You should have her hips checked after two years old)
Do you have a stud available that has the required testing as well?
Have you researched the pedigree for potential problems?
Do you have enough money in case she needs a c-section or the puppies need medical care?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you should consider breeding. Also, is the breeder you bought her from going to mentor you through showing and breeding? We either of her parents titled for conformation and or obedience?

Breeding is a big step. I'm sure you will get lots of opinions on this board. It's a great place to learn.
you are right, I am in no way ready for the responsibility yet, but I am trying to learn everything I can about it first before I decide if I am still interested in it. I have read many stories of horrible outcomes of breeding, and I;m just trying to get all the information possible about the subject. But thank you for your replies, I am glad there are people who actually care about an animal's well-being.
I sent you a private reply with some good information since you definitely do need some at this early time.

But I will also state publicly that a first and second heat are completely out of the question for breeding. Would you want to have 8 babies at age 13? By breeding in a 2nd heat that is exactly what you are doing to a poor puppy bitch.

I won't clog this board up with all the health testing a responsible breeder does but there honestly is no way you can look at a 4 month old puppy and say "Breeding Quality". The best you should be doing is saying "Cute Puppy".

Please read the email I sent. I am glad you are asking questions now before something terrible happens.

And lest anyone think I don't practice what I preach about health testing, I just Holter Monitered my 8 year old bitch to make sure all is well. I love my Boxers and health testing is a step NO responsible breeding can overlook or refuse to do. I am proud to brag that she passed her Holter with flying colors :)


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I will admit I was going to breed maxx at least once before I had her spayed.I even had some potiental buyers for the pups.Then I started reading on here about all the health risks and the thing that got me was some one posted a link to a virtual breeder.I imagined it was maxx when I was doing it and got really scared at the things that could go wrong.Also one thing to think about is giving those pups to their new owners and wondering what quality of life they will have.There are alot of reacue boxers out there who`s breeders thought they were going to good homes too and they ended up in rescue.That is the thing that REALY got me.I couldnt stand the thought of some one being mean to one of maxx`s pups.They would be a part of her.Although if it werent for breeders I wouldnt have maxx.It is a double edge blade.I opt to spay maxx.She is like my child.I am here to protect her.But this is just my opinion it is alot like mouths "every one has one".hahahahahah.

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I recently had a simular question. Not *when* to breed but *if* I should breed. (Krikkit posted the link to that thread in her reply to you.) I REALLY had my heart set on breeding Scarlet. She's beautiful and her parents and grandparents are healthy as they come. I wanted the experience and the joy of puppyhood.

I received replies to my post with a lot of valuable input. I factored in and thought hard for days about what everyone said and even though I still think it would be something I would like to do I just dont think it would be the responsible thing to do. I see now just what a *HUGE* responsibility breeding is. I had to ask myself if I was willing to loose Scarlet or any of her puppies in the birth process. There is a lot that can go wrong and I just dont want to take that chance. Breeding is something best left to the pros.

Check out the thread Krikkit posted and go to the web sites links that are there. Let us know what you think.

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I agree with PawPrint about health testing, I also think that if you are serious about breeding that you should be getting ready to show her. Has she been to puppy obedience yet? Showing for confirmation and obedience should be part of your breeding plan as well. It is a serious committment to make and showing is just one part of it, health testing another, birth another, raising and socializing pups and finding great homes another, taking back pups that might be placed at the shelter by someone who is moving and "can't" bring your bitch's baby with them and placing them with second homes another - it is a huge task.

Let us know what happens. Good luck with your puppy.
i think you all will be happy to hear that I have decided to get McKenzie spayed. I knew there was a lot that I needed to learn, but i don't think that even if i learned everything, i could deal with something happening to my little baby. i appreciate all your replies and information. it was really helpful. i still may show McKenzie because i think she's georgeous, (who doesn;t think their boxer isn't :) ), but no grandkids for me!!
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