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Breeders or Vets, Help ! with ears

Discussion in 'Boxer Anatomy and Physiology' started by Lagrimas, May 27, 2002.

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  1. Lagrimas

    Lagrimas Boxer Pal

    May 13, 2001
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    Greetings to all...I need help ! This July will be about one year that I cropped my wonderful boxer's ears. One ear stood up just fine and the other, well Im still taping and quick bracing, and it wont stay up! Vitamins, and massage and taping and care, and still nothing. Tell me ye experts, when should I give up and consider more surgery? If more surgery is needed what does that entail? Will both ears be cut smaller? will the falling ear be the only one? Im at a loss, I had wanted to show her but I still cant. I dont think its damaged more like lazy, every once in a while when she's upset as she patrols the yard and house, or she wants to listen carefully, it goes up....is this a good sign? It breaks down at about half way. I am temporarily in Mexico, and have been to an ear 'specialist' and he stitched it up to give it strentgh (thru the fur) , but when the stitches were removed, down it came. Im on the quick brace system, but am running out of options, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Memorial Day to all of you and all of us Americans in a foreign land! Larry
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